Women spanking boys stories

Short stories on assorted topics about spanking. An astethreat (*) indicates that the story was created for the A.S.S brief story dispute ( Ann is an illustrator that provided to article typically in alt.binaries.photos.erotica.spanking. Her illustrations have actually motivated a few stories on my part.

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Allikid, Katie and also Ben Alliboy and Katie spank Ben. (Illustrated Story)
*Armed and also Dangerous "It was a dark and also stormy night" ... cliches abound. Humorous (at leastern I hope so)
Billy"s Spanking A boy gets duped by a couple of girls right into pantsing another boy. Encouraged by a drawing by Ann.
A Conversation With George M/? An alien enrespond to of the spankable kind.
A Day at the Beach A bratty 8-year old gets her comeuppance under a belt wielded by her aunt. Motivated by a illustration by Ann.
*Ann"s Sketchbook Our friend Ann is caught in her hobby. Inspired by a illustration by Ann.
*At the Flugplatz -1916 An encounter between a famed avaiator and also a bar mhelp.
Didlin" A boy is masturbated by a couple of girls. One of the moms finds out, and also the girl is made to pay. Encouraged by a couple of illustrations by Ann. It"s the truth; girls do diddle boys, and also periodically they pay the results.
*Dirty Trick Three schoolgirls spank a schoolboy. Inspried by a drawing by Ann
Dodge City A couple argue over money and sex. Ispired by a drawing by Ann
*Double Cross When a teenage girl steals her friend"s boyfriend, she gets her comuppance. Another story influenced by a illustration by Ann.
Feminists A boy tries to get his jollies looking up girls" skirts. The girls" older sisters intervene and also then the fun starts for the girls. Another story influenced by a illustration by Ann.
The Gambler Can you con a con man? Inspired by a illustration by Ann.
Grounded A young lady finds out that when she gets out of hand also, she is well in hand also or under hand also of her aunt. Another illustration inspired picture.
*Halftime A coach has a distinct method to inspire the team.
His Spanking This story depicts a scene of a boy being spanked by his aunt in the presence of this two female cousins. It functions nudity on his part however no sex. Encouraged by a drawing by Ann.
Average Girl A guy recalls a childhood spanking he recieved from his female cousin. Motivated by a drawing by Ann.
My First Reader This is a very short story inspired by the enclosed illustration. It reminded me of my grade school days
Late Bloomer A wife relates her experiences spanking her husband also.
Office Boy An intern learns what life is prefer at Spanx included. Drawing and company logo design.
On The Road Billy is being a pest on the college bus. The driver takes matters into her own hands. Another story motivated by a drawing by Ann.

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Pammy When the babysitter breaks right into the liquor locker, she gets captured, and gets a whippin". Antoher story motivated by a drawing by Ann
The Paper Girl"s Revenge When Billy steals Susie"s paper money, she renders certain he gets his cumuppance. Anvarious other drawing motivated article.
*Paying the Bills A couple have actually an odd method of making "ends" satisfy.
Poor Tim Gets Caught A story by Wonka. A ninth grader spies on a group of girls in the locker room and also pays the price. Another story motivated by a illustration by Ann.
Prankster The misogynistic adventures of a young male land also him in trouble and over the lap of his teacher. Anvarious other story influenced by a drawing found on the net.
*Preventative Measures Womales take the matter of procreation into their own hands.
*Racquetball Lesson Women teach each other just how to play racquetround utilizing a unique strategy.
Secret Spanking A girl spanks her brother in front of his and also her friends. Based on a illustration by Ron.
*Shrub A little boy misbehaves and also is spanked for it.
*Spanked in Space A whimsical account of spanking aboard the area shuttle.
Spanking Hillary Spanking you-know-who.
*Stormy Knight Another humorous (I hope) entry right into the SSC.
A Sunday Spanking A young girl is spanked in front of her extended family. Anvarious other story influenced by Ann"s drawing.
A Tail of Four Wives When the wives made a decision to have a "girls" night out" they gained even more than they baracquired for. Here is a photo of the results.
Tardy A husband"s negative work habits almost gets him fired till his wife lends him a helping hand also. Another illustration inspired file.
*Teacher"s Pet A man days a woguy, and guess what she"s into?

Wanda"s Dream A girl catches a boy stealing from a woman"s purse ... or does she? Encouraged by a Ron Wilchild illustration.
Whirly Girls The key sorority looks after its own. Woe to the girl that crosses her sisters.