COURSE OBJECTIVES1. Principles of Minisattempt (POM 101)To familiaclimb students via the fundamentals of Ministry and help them get the details of beginning and also running an ever-flourishing healthy minisattempt.

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2. Family Life (FL 101)To give students an knowledge of what marriage and family life are; God’s function for setting up marital relationship and also exactly how to succeed in it.3. Principles of Financial Prosperity (PFP 101)To help the students understand and also recognize God’s will certainly concerning financial prosperity and just how to attract and deploy Agreement Wealth.4. Word Foundation (WF 101)To lay a solid foundation in the word of God for the students and also provoke their expertise of the fact that nothing works outside the word of God.5. Character Advancement (CD 101)To teach each student what the character of God is; exactly how to construct such a sound Christian character and just how to stand up to and also get rid of the ungodly character vices that clamour for men’s attention.6. Principles of Faith (POF 101)To baptise students with the Spirit of Faith and also impart them through a working understanding of the word of faith and how to grow in belief.7. Holy Spirit (HS101)To bring the students to the understanding of the perchild and also functions of the Divine Spirit, His Gifts and fruits. To teach each student exactly how to hear His voice for Guidance and also Direction and also operate powertotally by the Spirit for fulfilment.

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8. New Creation Fundamentals (NCF101)To reproduce a functioning knowledge of the Acts of the Apostles in the present day Covenant child and also set the fire of God burning in the hearts of guys.9. Principles of Answered Prayers (PAP 101)To boost the expertise of the students on the subject of prayer and develop the students as all-time commanders in life cases so they recognize what to do to impact any type of preferred change through prayer.10. Dynamics of Potentials (DOP 101)To reveal that everyone was created by God to fulfil a magnificent function through divine abilities and also provoke a stirring up of the hidden abilities inserted in each one for their profiting on earth.11. Principles of Success (POS 101)To arousage a solid desire for covenant success via the acquisition of pertinent understanding of the ethics causing success in life.12. Determining Divine Direction (DDD101)To help each student understand the wisdom of God and just how to walk in magnificent direction and reap complete and also constant rule on earth.

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To lay a solid foundation in the word of God for students and also provoke their expertise of the truth that nopoint works exterior the word of God. Read more
To bring everyone right into an knowledge of the forces behind the miraculous and also turn everyone right into a miracle worker. Read more
To carry the students into the expertise that the trick of exploits in life and also ministry is rooted in power and display them just how to flourish and also sustain God’s power. Read more





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