What Caused The Dust Bowl Essay

During the 1930’s, gigantic sand and also dust storms hit the western horizon. Many type of families across the nation were struck with the Depression, yet, families living across the Southern great plains were not just struck via Depression, however also by 300 dust storms that ruined all their land also. The major factors for the cause of the Dust Bowl were the location of the Southern Great Plains, hefty machinery, and very dry climate.

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One of the primary causes of the Dust Bowl was the geography of the Southern Great Plains.

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A sheepherder from the west said, “Grass is what holds the Planet together.” (Doc B) Although the grass in the region was not very tall, the grass and its roots were a barrier that maintained the soil and also sand in location. Wwarmth farmers plowed the brief grass leaving the dirt exposed and also undefended when the solid winds struck, creating huge dust storms as the wind picks the dirt up.

Next off, the heavy farming machinery being used damaged the levels and also ultimately caused the Dust Bowl.

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Fred Folker, a farmer, purchased and also offered a tractor that did the occupational of ten horses. (Doc C). By using this brand-new tractor, Folkers was able to produce a greater amount of products than prior to. On peak of that, this tractor likewise enhanced the amount of shortgrass damaged. The number of acres that were harvested between 1899 and also 1929 doubled in eight Great Plains states (Doc D). This new, hefty machinery that many type of farmers offered cruburned the dirt and also soil into smaller sized pieces and can easily be swept up into the air by the winds.

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The last factor for the reason of the Dust Bowl was the dry climate. The Western explorer, John Wesley Powell discovered that the minimum amount of rainloss for successful farming on the Southern Great Plains was 20 inches. (Doc E). However before, the average amount of rainfall for famers was in between 17 and 18 inches. In Dallas, Texas, the average rainfall diminished from beginning at 33 inches in 1923, to 12.74 inches in 1940. The amount of rainautumn was not sufficient to flourish plants, so a enormous drought was resulted in.

To finalize, the Dust Bowl was a very depressing time. Families and people were struck by enormous storms of dust, in addition to the Depression. If it wasn’t for the location of the Southern Great Plains, hefty machinery, and also the incredibly dry climate, the Dust Bowl would certainly have never before existed, and also times ago then would be much simpler.

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“ What Caused the Dust Bowl? ”
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