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Posted by: Cheryl TTC #2: 12 months; 3rd month on Clomid (100mg) EDD: April 14th I wanted to share my success story as it was the success stories of others that aided me to get pregnant. I currently have actually a DS who is currently 2 1/2 years old. It took me 13 months to obtain pregnant via him, just after having an HSP. We have been TTC for 12 months for our 2nd, and also I just uncovered out this morning that I am pregnant!! I have been on Clomid for three months (2 months at 50 mg. and 1 at 100 mg.) My DH had actually a SA in April which came earlier high in count but just 50% motility. I quickly inserted him on a mutlivitamin via supplements of zinc, Vit. E, and also Vit. C (every one of which are expected to enhance sperm quality.) Soon after this, I uncovered this website which provided me through a wealth of information on TTC. Based on other"s successes, I started taking EPO (2 capsules eincredibly day from AF to O), Vit. B6 supplement (50 mg.), one baby asprin each evening, one cup of decafinated green tea each AM, and also 2 teaspoons of Robitussin 2x per day from CD9 to O all on peak of my prenatal vitamin. I additionally totally cut out alcohol, caffeine, and also fabricated sweetners. I had good EWCM this previous month!! I have been charting my temps given that January and I provided an OPK this month. My OPK came back positive on CD16, so DH and I bd"d on CD16, CD17, and CD18. I preserved my legs elevated for 30 minutes each time. About 10 dpo, I noticed a .6 level drop in my temps accompanied by 2 hrs of sharp cramps and also slight bleeding at my cervix (implantation?). After this, my temp increased to 98.3 and also pretty much remained in that ballpark until I tested, so I type of kbrand-new that I was pregnant, although I didn"t desire to gain my really hopes up!! I am now 15 dpo. and have yet to go triphasic. My symptoms to day are mild, flu-choose cramping; dizziness and also head-rushes after acquiring up too rapid or standing too long; nausea at dinnertime; and hot flashes. Also, my cp has actually continued to be high and soft and also my cm is lotiony and increasing in volume. BTW, I tested 2 days early via the TTC HPTs accessible on this webwebsite and had great success via them. I very recommend them to everyone as a constant HPT would certainly not have actually come back positive until tomorrow or later on. I wish everyone that provides this website the finest of luck in trying to develop. I recognize how hard it is to acquire via each month through disappointing results. "Eggy thoughts" and also baby dust to everyone *************** as well as positive outcomes ++++++++

Dear Momma Kath:

Your fertile thoughts are mighty powerful!!! I just discovered out yesterday am pregnant and evidenced via a blood test.

Thanks for a good internet website. I have actually really took pleasure in it and got numerous beneficial indevelopment that I think helped us to conceive. I never interacted with any type of of the other TTCers (wanted to learn the ropes a small first) but definitely obtained from their insightful correspondance, it was certainly constructive obsessing for me. Thanks aacquire everyone!

Michelle K

I owe my success on this one to Taking Charge of Your Fertility By Toni Weschler

Click here to Order It really took a lot of the guessoccupational out of once to "try" and also when to say "Uh...i acquired a headache dear!"..;-) ~Chris

I"ve appreciated the site extremely much. I have actually been going right into the website for virtually 2 months currently and have found it has actually been the majority of amazing and helpfull to me. As a matter of fact, the day I received this email I found out I was pregnant!

My husband and also I have actually one daughter, age 3, and also have actually been trying for about 1 1/2 yrs. I have had problems ovulating. So I went on clomid 25 mg and also became pregnant the 2nd round. We are very excited, it lastly happened! Now we simply pray for a safe pregnancy and also healthy and balanced baby.

Thank you to all the wonderful women on the site!

Subject: Yeah!

My dh and also I began about 2 years back ttc. We acquired pg the initially month and also miscarried at 6 weeks. At that time I was 6 days late b/f I got a + preg test. It was VERY light.

Because then we have actually tried a number of docs, bbting and also miscellaneous herbs. I was on two cycles of Clomid, yet stopped b/c we found an RE and began seeing him on July 13. I was on day 9 of my cycle. He scheduled a post coital for July 16 and also a laparascopy for August 10. The write-up coital went well, he was pleased with what he witnessed. On July 27 I went for my Pre op and they ran a regimen blood hcg test.

On July 31 the nurse dubbed and shelp YOUR PREGNANT. What a surprise, we couldn"t believe it. The RE predicts we conceived on July 16. I wasn"t also due for AF yet. The blood tests display that my beta is going up. Everything looks good.

Now for exactly how I feel, well I began having actually fleeting AF cramps at 11 dpo, they have actually mainly subsided currently at 17 dpo. I did have actually really really negative heart burn founding at roughly 13 dpo. That unfortunately hasn"t gone away. I discover myself exhausted at around 4 pm each day, that started on 13 dpo. I haven"t noticed any type of unexplained feelings in my bb"s however they swell commonly b/f AF so nothing tbelow.

My cm is white and creamy, alot as well. My temps have stayed up, I haven"t been charting all month however I started having actually night sweats so I assumed I would start.

Well that"s it. Our RE will draw blood weekly until a sonagram mirrors all"s well.

This is so amazing. I think as soon as we pass 6 weeks I"ll be able to relax more.


Posted By: Debbie


Just desire to thank you guys for the tips I read that assisted me to lastly conceive!!! We have been trying for simply over a year. I am 36 and my husband also had testicular cancer 7 years back and also was told he would certainly be sterile after treatment. But after reading some articles concerning testicular cancer I kinda wondered around this. Got him tested and sure sufficient he had actually a normal sperm count. But after a year of TTC we were acquiring pretty frustrated.

I have actually been on Clomid for 6 cycles. Last month I started taking the aspirin and also Robitussin and propping my hips up with pillows. And it worked!!!!!! Thanks and great luck to the rest of you. Debbie

Hi tbelow,

I used to email you. I was having actually difficulties gaining pregnant for practically 2 years. I did want to share through you that I am ultimately pregnant and now into my 18th week. All appears to be good so much for us right here.

I wanted to say thanks to you for your much necessary support and information method ago when.

We had actually lastly started seeing a fertility specialist earlier in October and after having actually all the tests and exploratory surgical procedure we identified that all we needed was an easy washing of the sperm via fabricated insemicountry. It functioned on the initially swarm in April! We were of course thrilled.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to you again. I"m sure your site gives catalyst to many still trying to develop.


Posted By: SP--ttc #2 5mo. (40yo!)

I"m pregnant!!

I am 13 dpo this day and also couldn"t wait any longer -- took HPT just now and also it is positive (line if faint but there!) I am in shock and will retest tomorrow a.m. via first a.m. urine for an extra precise result!

Does anyone recognize if it is ok to proceed through the baby aspirin? I read the FAQ area and also it seems prefer it is ok to proceed but I wonder for exactly how long. I haven"t seen anything on this. I think it is a pretty tiny amount of aspirin to simply take one so I"m assuming it is ok!

Momma Kath below...tright here are plenty of doctors who prescribe children"s or baby aspirin during preconception approve of taking it for the first trimester until the baby takes over. Almeans examine via your medical professional when you are in doubt.

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The just points I did in different ways this month was the baby aspirin, green tea and also robi -- for some reason I had a premonition the aspirin would carry out something!!


It was ++++++++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted By: Rach - TTC#1, Day 25-29?

Oh my gosh!!!! I believed we"d missed our window. The only reason I tested was bereason my temp didn"t go dvery own as I intended now and I didn"t want to obtain hopeful when tbelow was no hope!! I tested at lunch... faint however definite line. I tested aacquire after job-related... aget faint but positive.. DH is soo happy.. we are sooo excited!! Will post all the details later!! EEEE Rach

Posted By: Rach - TTC#1, EDD April I still can"t think its +... details....symptoms...long... (m)

Hi women, thanks so much for your well wishes and also support! Congratulations to all the other + testers as well! I am so happy. Here are the details: I assumed for sure we"d missed our home window this month. I am so irconstant... sometimes I gain af eexceptionally two months, periodically less. Anymeans, dh and also I began ttc in June, and also I thought it would certainly take a LONG time! Anymethod, I obtained midcycle spotting and also I thought it was an anov period because it was so heavy, so dh and I quit BDing. On the exceptionally last day of any kind of redness, my temp swarm up! I was so upcollection... we did it aget, just in situation, yet I hosted no hope bereason I assumed it was also late!

Anymethod, I retained temping however wasn"t hopeful at all. Generally on 15dpo, my temp drops and also af arrives on 16dpo. Well, yesterday was 15 dpo and also no drop. I was so mad... I assumed "exactly how cruel, offering me hope once there is none".. well, the only reason I tested was bereason I just wanted to see the "no" and also move on to the following cycle!

I tested at lunch using ClearBlueEasy, and also a line, although faint, appeared immediately! Shocked was not the word for me. I was laughing, crying and also shaking all at the very same time! It was the longest afternoon of my life as I planned to test again once I gained house. Luckily I had bought the package with 2 tests in it. Aacquire, a faint line appeared.

Then I told DH... he constantly describes babies as "buns" bereason of the expression "bun in the oven", so I put a warm dopg bun in our stove, acquired my video camera and also told him to look inside! When he observed it, he shelp "really???" and also I snapped a picture! He is so excited!! Anymethod, we bought another test of a various type (equate) and I did it this am... incredibly faint however there. Now I feel a tiny better... I still don"t believe its true, however temp is still up and also 3 tests... OMGosh!

I have a doc appt Tuesday. My symptoms... none whatsoever! I had sore boobs as usual just after ovulation but that went ameans, which I took as a authorize that I wasn"t pregnant! Anymeans, I"m still not sore... not exhausted, not sick.. no lines or bumps on my breasts.. nothing! Nothing, nopoint, nothing! Thats an additional factor I tested so often! I can not wait to have actually the doc confirm it! Sigh..

I thank the Lord eexceptionally moment!

Got beta results today! Stick little bit egg stick! Posted By: CarolynL ttc#1, cy 23, 13dpIUI- Gonal-F It"s positive , however genuine low #- # is 13.

I can"t think it, but I am pg the first month of trying your natural supplements! I took the Red Raspberry, Vitex, EPO and FSO. I also supplied Robitussin and also baby aspirin. My doctor told me that I may need to view an RE, however I wanted to attempt some of these natural viewpoints initially. I am so glad that I waited and offered these points a shot. I had actually no side results at all. I am currently approaching the 6 week note and tested + exceptionally early via your TTC Store HPT. I uncovered out about 10 days previously than I did via dd. I was just about 9 dpo. Thank you incredibly a lot for the assist. Cindy K.

Posted By: Ilse ttc#1/cd31 14dpo 2nd cycle Clomid Temp 37.0 Triphasic Madness Friday, 4 August 2000, at 4:10 a.m. Ladies, I tested and got a +++ yet... I"m still waiting for the bloodtest - will gain it in 2 hours time so please pray for me!!

I"M PREGNANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got bloodtest ++++ Posted By: Ilse ttc#1/cd31 14dpo 2nd cycle Clomid Temp 37.0 Triphasic Madness +++++++++++++++++++

Subject: A Big Success! My name is Trisha and also this is my huge success story to assist encourage some of you. I had actually been trying to obtain pregnant (naturally) for 4 years and no success. I talked to medical professionals and also no one seemed to think anything other than that I needed to just store trying. I FINALLY acquired a doctor to listen to me (I have always had actually extremely odd periods and also skipped them a lot). He ran some tests and also concerned uncover out I wasn"t ovulating, most likely never before have! I was put on Clomid 50 mg and also that did not work... I was then put on 100 mg and also I showed indicators of ovulation, yet it still didn"t occupational. So I was put on 100 mg another time and to make a lengthy story brief... I currently have a beautiful 3 month old baby boy! Keep trying girls - finest wishes!

Posted By: Jaime, Mommy to Hailey Nychole, 6/14

Looks prefer I"m joining you wonderful ladies AGAIN...*M* I tested a faint positive Friday evening! Dh and also I had actually a slight "accident" when our birth manage FAILED MISERABLY! *lol* I go for a quant hcg tomorrow morning and will obtain the outcomes Wed.! I"m terrified and also thrilled all at once!

Looks choose I"m a newbie almost everywhere again!

Posted By: Marts Positive BETA!!!!!!!!!!! Joyful and Grateful After two failed IUI"s I felt prefer the bases were loaded and also tbelow were 2 outs. Fortunately I linked via the ball on my 3rd at bat! Still in disbelief. My beta was 39 now at 13dpiui. Is that good? I had a mc last summer so I recognize this is a small action yet at least I am in the game now?

Thank you all for your assistance. I go ago on Thursday for an additional beta. I switched to all injectibles on this last IUI and also dh had actually his finest ever before performance. Hoping for more positive news from the remarkable womales on this board

Posted By: amandattc#2/first Clomid/9DPO "the waaaitin" is the hardest part", Tom Petty & the Hartbreakers

Alideal I"ve got a terribly faint line yet i don"t think(M) it is a actual line. I am 10dpo (despite tag). I just took an Answer hpt and I can check out an exceptionally faint line. It is wider/thicker than the test line and also is darker on the sides than in the middle. Does anyone recognize if you have the right to have a "ghost line" wbelow the 2nd line have to be?



I am right here to short article my success story. We had been trying for 1 year and also 7 months right. I miscarried Jan of 99 at 4 wks. I went from temping to Clomid which resulted in me significant eye difficulties that have actually yet to go amethod. The Clomid was no help so I visited a RE who argued that I have actually Lap surgical procedure and also then on to injectable meds. I had the surgical procedure and also they found a spot of endometriosis but no sufficient to reason difficulties. Eincredibly test I had actually came ago ok so I went earlier to the RE after I was released and also as soon as I visited the office I made a decision this is not what I wanted to be doing. I realized that I was not prepared for injectables, numerous bloodwork.. ultrasounds..and so on I quit the RE and also my OB.. I checked out Walgreens and also I bought the Clearplan Fertility Monitor. The following month we were pregnant! I simply gained earlier from my OB appointment and also we experienced a beautiful heartbeat and also everything is wonderful. I know I am not out of the woods but it sure feels great to check out the beats!


I had actually extremely sore boobies..! The blue veins ended up being visable fairly early on. My temps were always no greater than 98.7. Around week 6 I have actually become terribly neaseous. It feels prefer I had actually a really negative glass of wine. I am not throwing up however periodically I feel prefer I could! I have actually not been exhausted.. just a bit run dvery own.

I hope this gives some people hope as soon as they think they are becomming hopeless.. prefer I did because it does happen when you least suppose it.. trust me, I have actually been tbelow.