Untold Stories Of The Er Worms In Scalp

Last night I was watching untold stories of the E.R and I witnessed among the weirdest/nastiest things of my life.

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A lady had worms under her scalp. The physicians squeezed on her scalp and liquid/pus came out and also some nasty brvery own worms popped out.Anyone see this?
I didn"t watch that specific one yet I"ve watched others wright here human being had actually worm/bugs/etc under their scalp or skin

It provides me chills to also think around that stuff!!! I love that display, we watch it as soon as we capture it however not frequently. There"s always something interesting on it!


I have watched this before it"s freaky!I experienced a womale come in via worms under her skin on her arms and legs and also she named them all and also they had actually to put them in jars through names on it for her!

I"ve watched the show a couple of times. The episode that really acquired to me was the one about the woguy mauled by a cougar.
Was it a cuterebra (aka: botfly larva or warble)? I"ve watched those on rabbits and also dogs before, and they rank as the thing that grossed me out a lot of working at the vets. I knew I can stomach anything once I was eating some gnochi and also believed, "This looks a tiny like a cuterebra," and kept best on eating.

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Originally Posted by Bella713
I have actually watched this prior to it"s freaky!I witnessed a womale come in with worms under her skin on her arms and also legs and she called them all and they had to put them in jars via names on it for her!
I saw that one!Did anyone watch the one where the Spanish speaking male jammed a screwdriver right into his ear?? After they ultimately uncovered an interpreter they discovered out he had actually had that in tbelow for 5 days and also had done it to speak the demon voices!!!
Oww i observed that one!she named them all..and wouldnt let the staff handel them so they put them in speciguys containers via potting soil....INSANEyet once your not right in the head stuff happens.I have an aunt prefer that. it have the right to be incredibly sad at times.
I love Untold Stories of the ER -- although I do not believe these are "the stories that medical professionals never tell." I think that these are the stories that doctors tell at eexceptionally party they ever go to. Anymeans, the woman via the bugs in her scalp had bot fly larvae. I had actually them in my feet when I lived in Brazil. The botfly larvae live under huguy skin and also they wiggle and eat and eventually if you don"t rerelocate them they hatch out right into botflies and burst out from your skin. They are horrible. You can squeeze them out periodically, like popping a pimple, or put vaseline on the skin so they have to stick out more to breathe, and also then tweeze them out. Or you deserve to suffocate them. And although they do not exist in the US and US medical professionals aren"t trained to acknowledge them, tbelow is a comparable insect that afflicts dogs and cats in the US, so vets may identify them.