True stories from the morgue

We all need to challenge death when in our resides. But there are those that watch it everyday. 

For morticians and morgue employees, death is an simple affair, however, once in a while things have the right to obtain a little unsettling for them too. From speaking corpses to the ones that sit upappropriate on their deathbeds, they deal with creepy stuff eexceptionally day.

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I used to occupational in tconcern recovery. Once we had a donor who was very freshly deceased. I hosted his hand also to shave his arm, and also his fingers curled around my hand also as rigor mortis set in.


My ex-father in legislation is an owner, embalmer and funeral director. He told me a body sat directly fucking up on the table one time.

- KillerInYourCloset

My mommy works as a cook in the basement of a hospital (around 20 feet from the morgue). She was in the hallmeans gaining a roller cart and a physician was bringing down a dead patient. they go past my mom and the dead men arm goes straight in the air. Doctor casually claims "simply a cramp".

- savageboi2121

A drowned man was as soon as locked up in the cabinet a tapping noise began coming from was a crab that had made itself at home inside him and as soon as it obtained cold he wanted out.

- Grimcupcake

We picked up a suicide on a major holiday Thanksoffering or Christmas I can"t remember. Took her earlier to the funeral house. Undressed her and also had to wait for Medical examiner. Family decides to cremate. We had dressed her for a viewing, whatever was normal. Later that day she was prepared to be cremated, I put her in began the machine and also went earlier inside. I had actually to embalm someone else. About an hour in I heard choose 5 loud pops. First believed was a pace maker, brain stimulator, something I had missed. I let it complete brushed up it into the tray. And a fucking tiny hand also gun came out. Now I had seen every one of her... Seriously where did she have that at? The just spot is inside her vagina. The question is why. It"s been 10 plus years and also I"m still WTF.

- doomlite

I’m a mortician for the Army. While functioning in the Richmond morgue I observed a guy fresh in that remained in a logging accident, tree completely cruburned him. What made it so creepy was exactly how much the skin can stretch. His confront extended with his splatted skull, making it seem like Looney Tunes.

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- u/k8teee

Was a part time funeral director"s assistant. Funniest point would certainly need to have been a really elderly woman through a glass eye who chose to have it kept wide open. Gave me a hell of a fideal when I experienced her in her casket.

- Unknown

My dad is a mortician. Apparently this elderly gentlemales passed ameans while having a bath... through the water still running, He was living alone in the house with incredibly little bit household. I don’t remember exactly how lengthy he remained in the bath prior to before someone uncovered him. My dad goes to pick up the body and also it’s huguy soup. The hot water constantly running and the amount of time cause his body to revolve to mush.

- mrsluzzi13

My grandpa was a funeral director and my dad operated tbelow as a child. He sassist it wasn"t unwidespread for a body to exhale unexpectedly, occasionally with some vocalization.

- DoctorBre

On a pathology rotation at the county medical examiner"s office in clinical college. This had some website visits. We got referred to as to a house that had been reported to have actually a horrible smell coming from inside. Cops had actually discovered the owner who had passed away three weeks prior, in the middle of summer. This perboy was a hoarder, home was FULL of old cans of cat food, newsrecords going back years, and also VHS porn tapes.

- MrGogomofo

I’m the admin assistant at a tiny funeral residence in a smallish city. Not a lot really goes on. The other day I swore I heard someone cough in the earlier office while I was expected to be alone in the structure. The creepiest stuff to me is as soon as we acquire gruesome deaths. I never before thought I’d need to view bodies in the state that I’ve checked out some bodies.

- MasticatingMuskOx

One of the creepiest for me was having to clean a gentlemale up...I was intended to clean his eyes, too. Opened those up just to watch 2 empty sockets. No eyes. Was an autopsy embalming.

- SweetSyberia