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This is a standard subject for all Chemical Engineering students and also is additionally important in techniques as varied as Mechanical Engineering, Biomodern technology and also Nanoinnovation. Over the last few decades, the topic has actually reinvented the means engineering science is taught. This course deals with the merged therapy of the different carry procedures, ubiquitous in market as well as in nature. Momentum, warmth and also mass transfer are taught together due to the underlying similarities of the math and also molecular mechanisms describing such procedures. The students will certainly be made mindful of the core scientific connections and also will certainly be encouraged to resolve troubles based upon relevant analogies.

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INTENDED AUDIENCE : Chemical,Mechanical,Biomodern technology, NanotechnologyPRE-REQUISITES : Undergraduate level courses in Fluid Mechanics, Heat TransferINDUSTRY SUPPORT : Most of the process markets identify this as a standard course taking care of the unified treatment of seemingly various transfer operations. The concepts will improve the lateral thinking capabilities of the students and seamlessly combine the principles for their usage in a multitude of procedures and also problems. This facet will certainly also be of worth to the upcoming modern technology thrust suppliers connected in micro-tool fabrication, sensors, and also in the basic microfluidics doprimary.


Week 1: Fundamental principles in momentum deliver, shell balance, governing equations and appropriate boundary conditions .Week 2: Formulation and also solution of momentum transfer in laminar circulation.

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Week 3: Navier-Stokes equation and also its applications, options of momentum move problems in various geometriesWeek 4: Formulation and also solution of warmth carry in laminar flowWeek 5: Advancement and also usage of power equationWeek 6: Transient conduction - lumped capacitance, analytical remedies and also other methods.Week 7: Formulation and also solution of mass carry in laminar flow. Growth and also use of species balance equationWeek 8: Review to convective circulation, organic convection, pertinent examples from warm and mass transferWeek 9: Boundary Layer ideas, boundary layer thicknesses (disturbance, displacement and also momentum), Blasius solution for flow over a flat plateWeek 10: Use of momentum integral equation, unstable boundary layers, liquid circulation about immersed bodies, drag Week 11: Mathematical therapy of the similarities in between warm, mass and also momentum transport, similarity parameters, and relevant analogies.Week 12: Solution of coupled warmth, mass and also momentum transport troubles based on analogy.