How I was touched by God’s healing hand

Keith Faust deserve to testify to a miracle moment as soon as his prayer was answered by the prayer of his no ordinary family members.

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Keith Faust knows there’s no plain Sunday once you have actually no plain family.

A manual prayer for healing at the finish of a gathering is just one of the factors he’s still alive. And that’s a lot to be thankful for.

You deserve to see the moment for yourself on video.​

During the response time after a message on the power of the Divine Spirit, Teaching Pastor Clayton King asks, “What if one action was the thing that it took for you to be liberated, collection cost-free and healed?”

Seconds later, Clayton jumps up, emotional, and also states, “I feel prefer somebody demands to be healed of cancer ideal now. I don’t understand that you are ... Can you recognize yourself?”

Right then, amid dozens of civilization seeking prayer everywhere the auditorium, Keith walks to the front of the phase, with his wife, Somer, a few measures behind him.

“It’s you?!” Clayton exclintends.


Divine Spirit Power

At the beginning of 2018, Keith had actually brain surgery to remove 2 of four brain tumors. Then, 2 weeks before the service that day, 2 fast-growing tumors had actually went back, bursting blood vessels, paralyzing him in the left arm and left leg.

“When the tumors busted, that should have actually been it. It was very life-threatening,” Keith says. “When I walked right into the healing business, I shelp ‘Thank you, Lord! That’s exactly what I need: Healing.’”

Clayton King sees Keith method the phase, and also he gathers civilization approximately to lay their hands on Keith and pray.

Clutching Keith’s outextended hand, Clayton asks Jesus to rerelocate eexceptionally cancerous cell, and also for Keith to tell “a story that will reason human being to lean into your Gospel and be saved.”

“My whole body was heat and also tingling,” Keith recalls. “One of the safety and security volunteers and ushers said they felt it, as well. They shelp it was powerful and remarkable.”

Six months later, on the very same phase, Clayton commemorated that miracle in the “Testify” series. The tumors are so small that they’re impossible to radiate, and also they’re still shrinking.

“It was 2 weeks after that we checked out our doctor and did an MRI. And he sassist, ‘Wow! This was your brain in March and also this is your brain right currently. It’s straightened up, and all the tumors have gone.’”

“My friends are simply amazed. A couple of them contact me ‘Wonder Boy’ and also ‘Miracle Boy.’ The ones that are not Christian, I will certainly talk their ears off about Jesus and what He's done for me as soon as they ask.”

Keith and Somer have actually served and worshipped at the Anderchild Campus for more than a decade. The couple has actually 2 girls, Taytum, 7, and Aspen, 6.


Signs of grace to come

The first indications of Keith’s melanoma were nausea, dizziness, and high blood pressure — so negative he couldn’t get up the steps in his house.

He invested Christmas Eve 2017 in the emergency room doing CAT scans and also MRIs. A week later on, he remained in surgical treatment to remove the two greatest tumors, which were the size of nickels.

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Keith knew God was at occupational once the doctor’s estimate of a week in extensive treatment turned out to be simply one day. He was residence watching Clemkid play in the college footround national championship game a couple of days later.

“He sassist, ‘You’re doing exceptional,’ and I said, ‘No, God is amazing. He's healing me.’”

The doctor’s estimate of 3 months of rehab from surgery showed to be true, though. It was brutal, specifically the radiation therapy.

“They make a mask for your face. You can't move at all. It’s gained straps, and also they buckle it to a table and carry the laser out. You deserve to smell flesh and also hair burning. I told the good Lord, ‘I do not want any type of even more radiation if that will certainly be your will.’”

Part of Keith’s cancer treatment included chemotherapy via a brand-new form of immunotreatment cancer drug dubbed Keytruda. Although it was targeted to tiny spots of cancer that were also found in his lung, the drug not only shrank those by 50 percent, yet it additionally traveled all of a sudden to the brain and also functioned tright here, as well.

The chemotreatment will certainly continue, but physicians are only monitoring him currently that he is cancer-totally free.

“I think it was 90 percent prayer, and probably 10 percent medicine — and all God,” Keith claims around his healing as a whole.


Believing for more

Keith’s cancer required him to take long-term disability, leaving his maintenance project at Furguy and also the coemployees he loved, after two decades.

The partial blindness that adhered to the surgical treatment and also the paralysis that followed the bursting of the tumors is being gradually reversed. He still needs to watch his footing bereason his balance is off. He’s still lacking vision in his left side, and he battles via short-term memory.

But he believes all of that will certainly be healed in time.


“I'm around 85 percent and believing for the 100,” Keith claims. “There's no doubt in my mind He wouldn’t have actually lugged me via the storm I've been via just to leave me hanging.”

Keith loves the outdoors. This fall, he had the ability to acquire back to some hunting and also fishing. He was additionally got to hike all the method up and also dvery own Table Rock, although he admits it was scary, especially after a shower left the ground slick through rain.


One of the points Keith’s still sad around is that he can’t pull wagons in KidSpring like he offered to. His volunteer team was supportive in the time of his clinical troubles, literally circling the wagons for him in prayer.

But physical limitations won’t sheight Keith from smiling and greeting at the KidSpring doors.