Tna vs wwe dream matches

10 WWE vs. TNA Matches We Never Got But Would've Been Great WWE vs TNA has been on the minds of many type of wrestling fans. Tright here are plenty of dream matches between both promotions that would be amazing!

Abyss, John Cena, Bayley, Gail Kim
Once upon a time, it seemed choose wrestlers who operated for TNA (now known as Impact Wrestling) were greatly persona non grata in WWE. Before the mid-2010s, plenty of fans were persuaded that tbelow was zero possibility of men choose Samoa Joe and also AJ Styles wrestling under Vince McMahon. That’s obviously readjusted, and in the years considering that tright here have actually been plenty of bouts that would certainly have actually been WWE vs. TNA dream matches in the previous, favor AJ Styles vs. John Cena or Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar.

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That said, tright here are likewise some WWE vs. TNA matches that never before happened, some of which were actually feasible, while others were not. But all the TNA vs WWE dream bouts have one thing in prevalent -- they could have been awesome.

Kevin Owens vs. Sting
Given that Sting lastly functioned for WWE from 2014 to 2015, there was solid potential for amazing matchups. Kevin Owens debuted on the primary roster in 2015 however was busy in a feud with John Cena and also it likely didn’t make feeling to pair a legfinish up through a loved one newcomer. But the hypothetical complement in between them would certainly have actually been a blast, as Sting’s a timeless pure babyface and Kevin Owens is just one of the good contemporary heels. It would be Owens vs. Sami Zayn anywhere again, but through confront paint.

9 The Usos vs. Motor City Machine Guns

The Usos vs. Motor City Machine Guns
TNA had actually some truly magical tag teams, including Chris Sabin and also Alex Shelly, collectively known as The Motor City Machine Guns. The best pairing for Shelley and also Sabin in WWE would certainly definitely be The Usos, that are neck-in-neck via The New Day as WWE’s ideal tag team. But “Uso Penitentiary” era Usos lug an intensity to their bouts that would certainly make them perfect for a fast-paced team choose Motor City Machine Guns.

Shawn Michaels vs. James Storm
Considered among the best WWE stars of all time by many kind of fans, Shawn Michaels is among those guys that might seemingly have actually a great enhance through anyone. “Cowboy” James Storm did his finest job-related as a tag team specialist however has actually proven to be a solid singles wrestler in his very own appropriate.

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It’s such a shame that Michaels and also Storm never connected bereason they’re such equivalent personalities and also also both usage a Superkick as a finisher. They would have had actually an remarkable storyline wbelow they’d form a tag team, just to break up and also feud because they were too comparable.

7 Daniel Bryan vs. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle’s last run via WWE led to much less than 20 televised matches, through a couple of strong initiatives among them consisting of matches against Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, and Chad actually Gable. It’s a legitimate travesty, yet, that at no suggest did Kurt Angle and also Daniel Bryan get to have actually a complement versus one another. Angle freshly went on record to say that he asked for it, but a masteritem in between 2 of the biggest technicians of their ages sadly never before materialized.

Christopher Daniels and also Frankie Kazarian taking on any kind of configuration of Big E, Xavier Woods, and also Kofi Kingston would be a blast as both teams are among the best tag teams of their respective proactivities. But component of the fun of a New Day/Bad Influence matchup would certainly likewise have been the build to the enhance, as both groups are excellent at trolling and also shenanigans. The backstage skits alone would be worth the price of admission.

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5 Charlotte Flair vs. Awesome Kong

Awesome Kong, after changing the game with Gail Kim, extremely briefly wrestled for WWE in the early 2010s under the ring name Kharma and also was presented as an “anti-Diva” that was out to crush all the previous models that fancied themselves to be wrestlers of the Divas Division at the time. The perfect foe for that character would be Charlotte Flair, a wrestler that fits the classic “Diva” mold in many ways. Of course, Kong would certainly shortly discover out that she was underestimating Charlotte when the bell rang.

A stiff brawler via technological skills, the Irish star Fit Finlay departed WWE in 2010 and also wrestled on the indies before retiring in 2012, throughout which time he wrestled a pair of notables favor Kevin Owens, Sami Callihan, and also Roderick Strong. But it’s a shame he didn’t make a pitsoptimal in TNA to take on Samoa Joe.

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Given that Joe is a strong striker with technical acumen, the two would have actually created an excellent matchup. Samoa Joe wasn’t utilized to his best at the moment, so it would have actually been nice to have actually this random gem in a not-excellent period.

3 Bayley vs. Gail Kim

In 2008, Gail Kim delivered some game-altering women’s wrestling matches alongside Awesome Kong in TNA that still organize up now. Bayley ongoing that heritage in NXT in the mid-2010s, wrestling some of the ideal WWE women’s matches ever before against friend/rival Sasha Banks. As an innovator and also a living legfinish, Kim would have been an excellent foe for Bayley to prove herself. It’s a shame that Kim’s WWE runs preday Bayley, and also currently Kim is pretty devoted to working backphase at Impact Wrestling.

AJ Styles has actually been wrestling for WWE because 2016, so a number of WWE vs. TNA dream matches have actually already occurred, including bouts versus John Cena, Randy Orton, and also Brock Lesnar. But one potentially cool complement that hasn’t occurred is against Edge, who had been reexhausted considering that 2011 prior to returning in 2020. It’s still a match that could take place given that they’re currently co-employees, however Edge appears to gain injured a lot and Styles hasn’t been a continual main eventer in a while, so it appears unmost likely.

1 John Cena vs. Abyss

As far as TNA vs. WWE dream matches go, it’s vital to be realistic periodically and also take into consideration who WOULD fight, rather than that SHOULD fight. Abyss was the TNA tantamount of Kane however with more hardcore wrestling in his blood, so he was regularly a pretty vicious heel in his time. Thus, he would have to wrestle the challenge of WWE.

The appropriate Abyss vs. John Cena match would, of course, be a Monster’s Ball Match, which would certainly need to involve a thumbtack spot so Big Match John could go complete Super Cena and also Attitude Adjust Abyss right into some barbed wire.

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