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Author: Joyce Carol OatesPublisher: VanguardYear: 1970Pages: 440

From some early reviews of THE WHEEL OF LOVE:

“Quite ssuggest, among the finest collections of brief fiction ever before composed by an Amerideserve to. . . . These 20 stories are the a lot of violent, intense assets we have yet had from a specifically violent and intense imaginative imagination. . . . The 2 finest stories are striking expansions of the limits of fiction, pclimbed poems in which Oates makes her impact in new ways, as did James in The Sacred Fount and also Virginia Woolf in The Waves. . . . Oates’s horror is namemuch less and so savage that to uncover similar literary experiences one need to go all the method earlier to Poe and Melville. Her vision is . . . so entirely felt and also connected that the reader feels a sort of exultation. . . . On the basis of THE WHEEL OF LOVE, Them, and sections of her previously work, one should really contact Joyce Carol Oates, at the outrageous age of 32, an excellent writer.” —Library Journal

“Rich, intent. . . taut with awareness. . . . brilliantly search for the mystic/mythic people imperatives in female sexuality.” —Kirkus Reviews

“May well be Joyce Carol Oates’s finest arsenal of brief stories yet. . . the impacts on the reader are apt to linger long after he has finiburned the individual stories.” —Barbara Bannon in: Publishers’ Weekly

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Pulitzer Prize finalist, 1971New York Times Notable Books of the Year

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Wee can dye by it, if not live by love,And if unfit for tombes and hearseOur legfinish bee, it will be fit for verse;And if no peece of Chronicle wee prove,We’ll construct in sonnets pretty roomes;As well a well wrought urne becomesThe biggest ashes, as halfe-acre tombes,And by these hymnes, all shall approveUs Canoniz’d for Love:

—John Donne, “The Canoniztion”

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