The Dream I Love Your Girl

About I Luv Your Girl

"I Luv Your Girl" is the third and last single from The-Dream"s deyet studio album, Love Hate.

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The track is created by The-Dream"s production companion, Christopher "Tricky" Stewart.

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Mm mmThe Amerideserve to DreamAnd you know what I meanRadio Killa,Should beat the track up prefer GorrillaYeah We be up club, I watch her perform her point,I could wanna" rap, however she"ll make you sing,I was on her, she was on him,She all up on ma point, put the point on her hipShe ATL papa, do not recognize how to act,She left for one song, and also came ideal back,Grindin" on me, (The finest tonight?)Her guy began muggin", he can see it in my eyes,Lil" mama so hood, (I love your girl)Lil" mama remain fly (I love your girl)Wife beater through the denim (I love your girl)She keeps them heels on high, (I love your girl)Man look at shorty roll, (I love your girl)Man, look at shorty go, (I love your girl)(I"m sorry I gotta be up on your wild girlfriend?)And she runnin" Fingers through her hair, tryin ta call her over tright here but she like, F*ck! That nigga!She drop it down to the floor, I"m sayin shorty you should go, and also she choose F*ck! That nigga!Call it in B, I desire her on me, all up in my head, currently she in my bed,I, IIIIII, IIIMe and also lil shorty in the earlier, Talkin" bout dis diss, talkin" bout dat dat,Got her on patron?, she actin" all negative,Girl determined me, Don"t be mad.Kelly told y"all do not bring "em in the club,The way she rock that, got the boy in love,And I pray that y"all ain"t significant, reason seriously shes on my dick.The Amerideserve to Dream,Generally, You will not watch me hate,On another dude,Ma obtained me up and obtain willin to sepaprice youFrom ya boo,But she on me, and I"m on her,We walkin" out the club, shawty what"s up,Mm I want her in the worst method, plus I just uncovered out that it"s her birthdayPart of me feels so negative, but oh! Not that poor.Situation gained you mad, I would be also, cause damn she bad.Damn she negative, negative, bad, negative,Damn she negative, poor, negative, bad

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The-Dream Terius Youngdell Nash (born September 21, 1977), much better recognized by his phase name The-Dream, is an Amerideserve to singer-songwriter and record producer.

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He is well-known for co-writing chart topping hits such as "Baby" for Justin Bieber, "Umbrella" for Rihanna and "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" for Beyoncé, and also for his 3 solo albums, Love Hate, Love vs. Money, and Love King. more »