Telemetry course online

Location: Online Course, Students have actually 24/7 access for 6 months to finish the course Instructor: Nancy Kimmel

The course includes 4 certifications which are as follows:

Electrocardiogram Technician or ECG/EKG,

Cardiac Monitor Technician/Telemetry Technician

via 2 national certifying exams, the National Telemetry Exam and also the National Electrocardiogram Technician Exam.

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This course consists of 4 certifications, 2 from our institution and 2 at the nationwide level.

Electrocardiogram technician

Telemeattempt Technician (Cardiac Monitor Technician)

National Cardiac Arrhythmia exam

National Electrocardiogram exam

This is an virtual course which has hand also on clinical exercise and is designed for students interested in starting their career in cardiovascular studies. Their certifications via the college carry out ample confirmation that the student has actually met or exceeded national criteria. All materials included through course, which incorporate boundless virtual webwebsite access to the web-based educational tutorials in video format, written, interenergetic practice tests, power suggest and PDF short articles, nationwide acattributed exams and books. All brand-new videos have actually been included to the webwebsite tape-recorded in HD straight from the classroom. Students are provided boundless accessibility to all course products for 6 months, although the course can be completed sooner, relying on the students prior knowledge, suffer and also amount of time which they have the right to devote to their researches. Students will obtain personal instruction throughout the course from a Family Nurse Practitioner that specializes in Cardiology. Upon enrollment the student will be contacted by their instructor via course login indevelopment by means of email along with providing student extra examine material. Course publications and also materials will be shipped out either very same day or following day. Students will certainly be offered via boundless access to all products 24/7. Instructor assistance is likewise accessible on a day-to-day basis. Tbelow is a 40 hour clinical practicum which must be completed prior to receiving the certification. The externship consists of both shadowing a clinical assistant or EKG technician and percreating 10 electrocardiograms.

The school will certainly provide the student with a signed letter prior to the externship. Upon successful course completion, the student will receive their certifications and transcripts through the afsolved institution seal as an Electrocardiogram Technician as well as our school patch. Furthermore, both national exams in electrocardiogram and also telemeattempt are had in the course via the National Telemetry Association.

Each of these acattributed national exams comes with 5.5 continuing education and learning credit hours.

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This is a course that is extremely popular for those without any kind of experience looking to obtain into the clinical area and those who are currently in the medical field looking to change careers. Students will certainly be able to access the course instantly upon registration. Books and also provides are mailed out via UPS and also have the right to take approximately 5 days to arrive. The student will certainly obtain an email from their instructor upon registration, welcoming them to the course. This course provides students methods to work as either and electrocardiogram technician or a telemetry technician. Students will learn up to 36 rhythms and also their combinations. System based modules on cardiovascular pathology, antiarrhythmic medication, ICU administration of the critically ill via respect to shock arrhythmia is covered. Students that are studying to come to be physicians, PA’s or nurses are likewise encouraged to take this course to aid them in their further research studies and to occupational towards their patient treatment hrs.


Each of the nationwide exams with the National Telemetry Association have the right to be accessed through the course internet portal. Each national exam includes 5.5 CEU’s. Phlebotomy Career Training is one of the initially colleges in the UNITED STATE to offer certification in Telemetry. Many hospitals now require prior training or certification prior to hiring for telemeattempt technicians. The National Telemeattempt Association is a well respected organization wanted by many kind of hospitals throughout the U.S. Students via prior suffer within the last 6 months may obstacle the clinical externship requirement via created documentation or proof of licensure.

The amount of hand-operated training that each student have to need to graduate prepares them to enter the workforce through confidence. Our virtual students are just favor our in class students. We provide them exact same attention as if they were in the classroom.


According to Dr. Kimmel, “We have been educating students both in class and virtual for over eleven years. Our philosophy is that all students must receive the exact same high quality training, and also that is why we have actually dedicated instructors for digital classes who ca response questions and also help students to learn and also understand also the material.”

*All courses subject to a $75.00 non-refundable registration fee + any kind of handling fees linked through purchase amount.

Please contact us at (734) 762-3220 x1 for more details, or email us at

Students may request their certifications by emailing

About Your Instructor Nancy Kimmel

Professor Kimmel is a leading health care educator and is an RN, MSN-FNP-BC. She has worked in cardiology and also action dvery own and also is currently in year II of clinical school. Professor Kimmel holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering and being a CHMM (Certified hazardous Materials Manager though IHMM). She has actually taught at Lawrence Technological College as an adjunct in Mechanical Engineering, Henry Ford College wright here she taught physics, engineering and mathematics, and also Oakland College where she taught Mechanical Engineering. She holds a US patent and has actually created a number of publications for the school. She has added to the nursing profession throughout the last 10 years in giving education and learning and high quality virtual finding out by likewise training registered nurses and pre-nursing students in passing the HESI, TEAS, HESI A2 and TEAS A5. Professor Kimmel is a cardiac nurse specialist and also functions component time as a hospitalist through Bay City Hospital and also a 2nd year medical student.