Teenage Pregnancy Problem Solution Essay

The teenage pregnancy price for 1997 climbed all the method approximately 62.7 percent, this was the greatest it has remained in years! When I first saw this truth I knew something would need to be done around it. This high pregnancy rate in teens is in truth a major difficulty, because teens are not responsible enough to raise a baby. Tright here are many type of possible solutions to proccasion teenage pregnancy like discouraging early dating, abstinence, and using birth regulate and also prophylactics. Although tright here are all these possible solutions the pregnancy price is still very high.

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So we must evaluate the feasible remedies and also pick the ideal one to thrive on to aid lower the teenage pregnancy rate.

What has actually brought about the teenage pregnancy price to obtain so high? One reason for such a high price is the remedies world suggest that teens use to prevent gaining pregnant. Society tells teens over and also over these remedies that are simply unacceptable to most adolescents.


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Also the absence of information on pregnancy additionally reasons this higher rate, because teenage girls are not informed enough about exactly how hard being pregnant really is. Most adolescents are smart sufficient to understand that if they communicate in having actually sexual intercourse they have the chance of getting pregnant. They perform not realize how substantial of a life transforming adjust having a baby is though.

Possible options to help prevent pregnancy are discouraging early on dating, abstinence, and also using birth control and also condoms. Although tbelow are all these solutions not every one of them are really reasonable to teens.

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Such as discouraging at an early stage dating, the factor this solution does not work is because if a parent tells their adolescents they cannot day they will certainly still perform it behind their ago. And the reason that abstinence is really not a great solution is because sometime or another a teenager is going to attempt having actually sex no matter what their parents tell them. Abstinence is choose telling a tiny kid not to attempt candy.

Teenagers undergo too a lot peer push to avoid having actually intercourse one time or one more via their teenage years. So really the only excellent solution to aid prevent teenage pregnancy is utilizing birth manage and also prophylactics. The factor this solution is much better than the remainder is bereason it takes amethod nearly all the possibility of coming to be pregnant tbelow is. Even if the teenager is having actually intercourse if the girl is taking birth manage and also if the boy is using prophylactics tright here is an extremely bit chance that ending up being pregnant is possible.

The way to acquire more teens using birth manage and also prophylactics is to inform them around exactly how effective they really are and exactly how well they will occupational for them if the decide on having sexual intercourse. Birth manage is 98 percent efficient and also so are condoms, so putting the 2 protections together is extremely reliable. Teenagers must know how quickly they deserve to come to be pregnant and they likewise should understand just how difficult having a baby would be.

The options are not drastic. Discouraging early dating and also abstinence are some services that are not highly effective and also the major solution to help proccasion pregnancy is making use of birth control and condoms as lengthy as we obtain this solution out to the children and inform them about these methods of protection. The pregnancy rate in teenagers is a lot to high so these remedies must start being brought out so this price is lowered significantly. Many adolescents really do not understand also how huge of a life change they will certainly undergo if pregnancy enters their life.

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