Dreams Come True (ドリームズ・カム・トゥルー) is an significant music duo from Japan, created in 1988. They are renowned for their melodies and also poetic songcreating, and have actually sold even more than 50 million documents international.

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Dreams Come True was began by Masato Nakamura, and also is fronted by Miwa Yoshida, who is the band"s primary songwriter. They were initially a three-item band also through Takahiro Nishikawa on keyboards, until he departed in 2002. The band also is frequently recognized as DCT (Dreams Come True) and also periodically described as "Dorikamu" (ドリカム) by their fans. Dreams Come True released their self-titled deyet album in 1989, which sold more than one million duplicates.

In 1993 they videotaped "Winter Song" for the opening template of Tristar Pictures" romantic movie "Sleepless in Seattle" and also the complying with year recorded the song "Eternity" for the animated film "The Swan Princess" by New Line Cinema. In Japan, they taped many theme songs for Tokyo Broadspreading System television mirrors, and also it wasn"t long prior to they captured the attention of the Walt Disney Company kind of, and also were hired to develop miscellaneous musical-tunes for their television mirrors, and attractions at the Tokyo Disney Rekind. In 2001, they written the layout song for the Disney film "Atlantis", and Miwa was hired to be the voice actor for the character Audrey Rocio Ramirez in the Japanese variation.

Masato Nakamura was hired to create the music for a few television commercials, and approximately the exact same time compiled assorted "Dreams Come True" songs for the Konami corporation to be provided in their game series Dance Dance Rdevelopment. He has formerly written the music for the Sonic the Hedgehog video games on the Sega Mega Drive.

They have actually likewise been involved in assorted charity occasions. Included among these are a collaboration through Ryuichi Sakamoto in 2001 to help raise funds for land mine removal agencies, and also taking component in the Live 8 advantage concert in 2005.

Involvement in the Sonic the Hedgehog series


Dreams Come True"s 1990 tour poster. The text on the flyer reads: ”かわいいヤツには、トゲがある。” which is a little bit of a pun. The literal translation is: "for a cute male, he has spines," but the Japanese word for spine, トゲ, can likewise expect "biting words."

Nakamura was picked by SEGA to create the music for the original Sonic the Hedgehog at an early stage in Dreams Come True"s career, in 1990. Later that year, on November 7, Sonic was revealed for the first time by being painted on the side of the band"s tour bus. Sega.com interregarded Masato Nakamura around the procedure of creating music for the game.

Sega.com: Were you a little lost, seeing as this was your initially time taking care of video game music?Nakamura: The first point to pertained to mind once I thought around game music was the blips and also bleeps from games favor "Void Invaders," actually (laughs). But no, I think I knew where I wanted to go with things.Also, that time was kind of the turning allude for music-making, in that we really put our hearts right into the concept of using computers to make music, and also that"s when all this started. So, it was really perfect timing to be offered the opportunity to execute the music for "Sonic" once I did. Art, entertainment, and also computers all simply came together and sprung to life, and that"s where "Sonic" was born.

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Sega.com: And so you really put your heart right into making the music for "Sonic," then?

Nakamura:The actual music was done on an Atari computer.The really hard component was the limit on the number of sounds available. At the time, the vital allude was the number of sounds that might play simultaneously, and also so it was really tough, deciding what sounds you might acquire out of it at when because that number was so restricted. And unfortunately, via what I had to occupational through, I had actually a limit of just four sounds that could play at the exact same time.And so you couldn"t develop CD-top quality sound like modern games have actually.That was my real proving suggest for game music! (laughs) I had a sound limitation, and I had actually to make it work-related anyway! (laughs)For circumstances, considering that I just had actually four sounds to work with at once, I might have actually a bass drum line going, two chords, and also the melody, and also that was it. Without having actually musical expertise, or without having actually computer system knowledge, you"d never have the ability to do it.

— Sega.com interview, Sonic Central

The success of Sonic the Hedgehog"s soundtrack led Sonic Team to ask Nakamura to compose the soundtrack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. SEGA later on dropped Masato Nakamura for Sonic the Hedgehog 3 due to financial disagreements, and hired an option of various other composers to make the music. For Sonic the Hedgehog CD and also many of the various other Sonic games, SEGA supplied composers at their music studio, Wave Master.

In 2006, Dreams Come True collaborated with Senegalese-American R&B singer/rapper Akon to perform a reblended variation of "SWEET SWEET SWEET" and "SWEET DREAMS" (the song the Sonic 2 ending is based on in both English and Japanese) for the finish layout to the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 video game Sonic the Hedgehog. The songs were additionally released as a CD single in Japan.

Songs from Dreams Come True"s repertoire which use musical product from Sonic

SongAlbum fairtradeexpo.orgPlayerSonic songDescription
"Marry Me?"Sing Or Die (1997) Track 9Green Hill ZoneBizarre title, yet the entirety item is fundamentally green hill zone played sreduced and in a various style. Have a listen!
"Kusuriyubi no Kesshin" ("Million Kisses")Million Kisses (1991) Track 6Star Light ZoneYou have to listen extremely very closely to this one, occasionally world argue that it sounds nothing favor the song to them, however judge for yourself. The verses rather than the chorus contain the resemblance.
"Sweet Sweet Sweet"The Swinging Star (1992) Track 11Sonic 2 Ending ThemeThis is most likely most well known reprovided track. "Sweet Sweet Sweet" features the very same recognizable riff and also melody as the Sonic 2 finishing yet is perdeveloped live via vocals!

Variations of "Marry Me?" and also "Sweet Sweet Sweet" have actually been released in English. "Marry Me?" was contained in "Sing Or Die ~International Edition~", a straight translation of the album, while "Sweet Dreams", the English variation of "Sweet Sweet Sweet" was provided as the b-side of the Dreams Come True single "Winter Song".

Masato Nakamura: Production History

The complying with games crmodify a "Masato Nakamura", but it is as of yet unevidenced that it is the very same Masato Nakamura of Dreams Come True.

Final Fantasy VIII (1999) — Action Actor Virtua Fighter 4 (2003) — Supervisor (Aid Team)

Masato Nakamura: Track Credits

Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive Version)

Title — Music & Arrangement Green Hill Zone — Music & Arrangement Marble Zone — Music & Arrangement Spring Yard Zone — Music & Arrangement Labyrinth Zone — Music & Arrangement Star Light Zone — Music & Arrangement Scrap Brain Zone — Music & Arrangement Boss — Music & Arrangement Stage Clear — Music & Arrangement Special Stage — Music & Arrangement Power Up — Music & Arrangement 1up — Music & Arrangement Game Over — Music & Arrangement Continue — Music & Arrangement Final Zone — Music & Arrangement All Clear — Music & Arrangement Staff Roll — Music & Arrangement

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive Version)

Title — Music & Arrangement Option — Music & Arrangement Emerald Hill Zone — Music & Arrangement Chemical Plant Zone — Music & Arrangement Aquatic Ruin Zone — Music & Arrangement Casino Night Zone — Music & Arrangement Hill Top Zone — Music & Arrangement Mystic Cave Zone — Music & Arrangement Oil Ocean Zone — Music & Arrangement Metropolis Zone — Music & Arrangement Special Stage — Music & Arrangement Power Up — Music & Arrangement Super Sonic — Music & Arrangement Sky Chase Zone — Music & Arrangement Wing Fortress Zone — Music & Arrangement Boss — Music & Arrangement Death Egg Zone (Part 1) — Music & Arrangement Death Egg Zone (Part 2) — Music & Arrangement All Clear — Music & Arrangement Staff Roll — Music & Arrangement Emerald Hill Zone (2P) — Music & Arrangement Casino Night Zone (2P) — Music & Arrangement Mystic Cave Zone (2P) — Music & Arrangement Game Results — Music & Arrangement Unprovided Track — Music & Arrangement

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sweet Sweet Sweet -06 Akon Mix- — Music, Backing Vocals (w/Miwa Yoshida) Sweet Dream -06 Akon Mix- — Music, Backing Vocals (w/Miwa Yoshida)

Miwa Yoshida: Production History

Miwa Yoshida: Tune Credits

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sweet Sweet Sweet -06 Akon Mix- — Lyrics, Vocal, Backing Vocals (w/Masato Nakamura), Vocal Arrangement Sweet Dream -06 Akon Mix- — Lyrics (w/Mike Pela), Vocal, Backing Vocals (w/Masato Nakamura), Vocal Arrangement


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