Sunshine foundation dream village

Sunshine Foundation’s single objective is to answer the dreams of chronically ill, seriously ill, physically challenged and abused youngsters eras 3 to eighteen, whose households cannot meet their repursuits as a result of financial strain that the child’s disease may reason.

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Massage Chair for Jon

“This heated massage chair brings comfort and also joy to his aching body.” We are so happy to view that Jon, with cerebral palsy, is obtaining comfort and relief with his new massage chair granted with Sunshine Foundation. “Thank you very much for this chance to get our child, Jon, a heated massage chair. Jon has…… Continue Reading


2fourth Annual Sunshine Foundation Fishing Tournament

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Join the 24th Annual Sunshine Foundation Fishing Tournament to make Joseph’s Dream Come True! Little Egg Harbor, NJ – Volunteers from the All-Volunteer Southern Ocean NJ Chapter of the Sunshine Foundation will organize their 2fourth Annual Sunshine Foundation Fluke/Bluefish Fishing Tournament on Sunday, August 29. Fishing starts at sunrise and ends at 3 pm, boundaries…… Continue Reading


Birthday Bash

Happiest of birthdays to Miracle! Miracle, through Dvery own syndrome, shed her father to Covid-19. To lug some joy after so a lot tragedy, Miracle’s household updated her Dream to a Birthday Bash, and also what a celebration it was. The celebration contained presents, pottery paint, ear piercing, Build-a-Bear, and also of course, a unicorn birthday cake. Miracle’s mom…… Continue Reading


Backyard Wheelchair Swing

“Really? I can’t even think it that I deserve to have my very own swing at my own house!” –Bobby This month Bobby, 11, who has actually cerebral palsy, got his Dream Come True of his very own wheelchair swing! His household shelp, “Bobby was so excited to attempt out his wheelchair swing for the first time this particular day. Bobby…… Continue Reading