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We have lengthy been committed to giving broad access to high-high quality training methods for students in the social, behavioral and wellness sciences. We are thus exceptionally excited to market a repeat of our *totally free* three-day workshop, Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling.

Overview to Structural Equation Modeling is a three-day workshop concentrated on the application and interpretation of statistical models that are designed for the evaluation of multivariate information through latent variables. Although the traditional multiple regression design is a powerful analytical tool within the social sciences, this is also highly restrictive in a range of means. Not just are all variables assumed to have actually no measurement error, however it is likewise restricted to a solitary dependent variable with unidirectional impacts. The structural equation model (SEM) generalizes the straight regression model to include multiple dependent variables, reciprocal impacts, indirect impacts, and also the estimation and removal of measurement error with the inclusion of latent variables. The SEM is a basic framework that enables for the empirical experimentation of research hypotheses in methods not otherwise possible. In this workshop we provide a advent to SEM that contains route evaluation, confirmatory element analysis, and structural equation models with latent variable and also which focuses on both developing a conceptual understanding of the version and also exactly how it is applied in exercise.

Daniel J. Bauer, Ph.D.

Dan Bauer is a Professor and also the Director of the L.L. Thurrock Psychometric Laboratory in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscientific research at the University of North Carolina. He teaches primarily graduate-level courses in statistical techniques, for which he has actually won teaching awards. Read More

Patrick J. Curran, Ph.D.

Patrick Curran is a Professor in the L.L. Thurstone Psychometric Laboratory in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscientific research at the College of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Patrick has dedicated much of his career to the teaching and also circulation of progressed quantitative methods and has won awards in recognition of teaching excellence. Read More

Chapter 1. Review, Background, & Multiple Regression1.1 Introduction1.2 A Quick Review to Matrix Algebra1.3 Linear Regression as a Structural Equation Model1.4 Limitations of the Multiple Regression Model

Chapter 2. Path Analysis: Introduction2.1 The Path Analysis Model2.2 Model Identification2.3 Model Estimation

Chapter 3. Path Analysis: Modern Topics3.1 Assessing Model Fit3.2 Model Comparisons3.3 Model Respecification and Modification Indices3.4 Testing Direct and Indirect Effects3.5 Assumptions (Self-Study)

Chapter 4. Confirmatory Factor Analysis4.1 Confirmatory Factor Analysis4.2 Issues and Extensions (Self-Study)

Chapter 5. Structural Equation Models through Latent Variables5.1 Summary to Structural Equation Models5.2 Fitting and also Examining Structural Equation Models5.3 Further Considerations: Estimation through Non-normal Distributions, Computing Power, and Equivalent Models (Self-Study)

This workshop is broadly targeted in the direction of research study applications in behavior, wellness, educational and psychological scientific researches, although the methods use to many kind of other self-controls too. We recommfinish that participants have actually a functioning expertise of the general regression version. Those who need a refresher might wish to check out episodes on our straight regression playlist on YouTube.

Live software program demonstrations will be gave in R at the finish of each day and pre-recorded demonstrations in Stata and also Mplus will be posted each day. Note that R deserve to be downloaded for cost-free. While it is beneficial to have actually some familiarity with R, this is not important. The lectures which constitute the majority of the workshop are software-independent

Our motivating goal is to provide an intense yet enjoyable instructional endure. We strive to strike an equal balance in between core concepts of the underlying statistical version along with the useful application and interpretation of structural equation models fitted to genuine empirical information. Our workshop is designed to provide participants through the materials and also instruction necessary to both build a genuine knowledge of structural equation models and to have the ability to thoughttotally apply a selection these models to their own information.

Dan Bauer and Patrick Curran co-teach the workshop and alternate lecturing throughout the day. We provide a PDF copy of the course notes and a PDF via substantial software demonstrations as well as data and code for all examples. The PDFs are not time-restricted and may be retained incertainly but must not be distributed to others without obtaining prior permission.

Please check out sample copies of the lecture notes and also the R notes from our 5-day SEM workshop.

Discover more about what renders our training unique...

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Livestream lectures will start at 9:00 a.m. and also finish at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time (US) each day. Following the lectures, computer system demonstrations in R will be gave from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time (US) . Tright here will certainly be 15 minute morning and afternoon breaks and also a one-hour lunch break, the exact times of which are established in the time of the lecture. Local time areas within which the participant is linked should be changed to correspond to Eastern Time (US).

Participants can ask text-based questions using a Zoom attribute that will certainly be monitored by staff and conveyed to the instructor. If a question cannot be answered in the time of the lecture, a message response will be gave at a later on time.

Because participants are receiving the Livestream from Zoom and also not broadcasting video images back, the connectivity needs are minimal. A minimum of 150kbps (kilobytes per second) is compelled to get involved in a video webinar, and this have the right to be wired or wiremuch less. Given typical house internet relations or personal WiFi access, these requirements are quite low. For example, it is recommended that a 3000kbps (or 3mbps, megabytes per second) connection be offered to stream a movie on Netflix. A typical WiFi hotspot on a typical cell phone is 20-30mbps, hence any type of conventional internet link need to permit for uninterrupted participation in the webinar. See to evaluate your very own link rate. Note that a typical resource of connectivity troubles in the home is linking the gadget to the WiFi broadcast unit, so be particular your device is has uninterrupted lines of site to the wireless modem; watch, e.g.,

The Livestream does not have DVR-favor controls and therefore cannot be paoffered or rewound in the time of the session itself. However, complete recordings of Livestream workshops will be obtainable to rewatch for 14 days following the completion of the workshop.

The recordings cannot be conserved by the participant and will not be accessible after the fourteenager day period. You have the right to log in to your account to access these recordings. The recordings cannot be downloaded by the participant and will certainly not be available after access has expired. by Curran-Bauer Analytics is not able to carry out technological support for end-user worries through the Livestream. Thus, participants are totally responsible for connectivity that supports the Livestream of audio and video. Information will be gave around the minimum forced bandwidth and techniques for experimentation connectivity. However, in the low probcapability that a participant is not able to attach, there will be access to the videotaped sessions for 6 months following the completion of the workshop. If you need assistance accessing recordings or via your account, please call assistance.

In an effort to continually enhance our instruction we attain student evaluations with each course offering. Here is a sample of reviews from our prior giving of this workshop:

Dan and Patrick perform an awesome job at breaking dvery own complicated product and also carry out good applicable examples that really aid through knowledge and clarifying the concepts. The notes and products offered are terrific and extremely detailed! 

The workshop had actually a tranquil environment via plenty of banter. It was basic to follow the step-by-action workshop. As an outcome, I was able to learn a lot in a brief amount of time.

Clear examples, software application demonstrations/code, nice pacing (I appreciated the background information!). I was also extremely impressed by exactly how responsive Dan/Patrick/Ethan were to participant questions! 

Using real information to present examples and also providing notes thorough for actually conducting the analyses later. The balance of what the concept is with the valuable application is what my previous stats training regularly lacked (as well little application).

The key stamina was the clarity of communication and the balance between technicalities and intuition. Dr. Curran & Dr. Bauer did not shy away from technical elements of the content yet likewise communicated around them as intuitively as feasible.

Dr. Curran and Dr. Bauer"s style of lecture made complex statistical principles straightforward and also non-intimating, the lecture notes were incredibly clear and also the ability to ask concerns through chat during lecture was amazing.

I have actually a better knowledge of what information modeling is. Before the workshop, I kbrand-new how to execute SEM and even wrote a record presently under evaluation making use of SEM, however I didn"t really understand what I was doing, why I was doing it, how it was being done

High high quality products and explanations. Very engaging to listen to.

The instructors were tremendous. The method they taught facility principles made things that were challenging for me to master previously magically loss into place. Concepts were clear and also analogies were entertaining and also on point!