Strength of materials online course

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Mechanics of Materials

Course Outline

Whether you are an engineer or an architect, it is essential to have an easy knowledge about the mechanics of products.

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This course introduces engineers and also architects to the basic principles involved in creating typical components such as drive shafts, floor beams, press tanks, and bolted relationships found in machines or structures. The topics encompass the mechanical properties of materials, torsion, bfinishing, anxiety and also strain transformation, beam deflection, and column stability, with the focus in the direction of the standard principles and also real-people applications. The course content is based entirely on an engineering video tutorial series and also the textbook Mechanics of Materials by Beer, Johnkid, Dewolf and Mazurek or indistinguishable. This course contains a multiple-choice quiz at the finish, which is designed to improve the understanding of course products. Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, the student will:

Be familiar through the vocabulary pertained to engineering evaluation and also design; Know the standard assumptions offered in mechanics of materials; Have a far better understanding of product properties; Understand material habits under various loadings; Know how to draw free-body diagrams; Understand also design design approaches; Be familiar through anxiety evaluation methods; Kcurrently how to construct Mohr"s circles; Be able to transcreate stresses and also strains; Know how to calculate interior forces in components; Be able to calculate assorted deformations; Know the effects of linked loads; Understand the dedevelopment compatibility requirements; Be conscious of 2 types of buckling; Be able to analyze column stability; Understand the factor of safety required; Be able to design easy structures; and also Improve design design skills.

Course Content

The objective of this course is to review fundamental principles of product evaluation and style utilizing the strength of materials technique.

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You are forced to testimonial the complying with video playlist (you may pick the topics of interemainder to you within the playlist): Mechanics of Materials - A Complete Reivew (Videos)

and also use the Mechanics of Materials by Beer, Johnson, Dewolf and also Mazurek or Mechanics of Materials by R.C. Hibbeler or an indistinguishable textbook as a recommendation to resolve all the quiz difficulties. If you do not have actually a difficult copy of the over textbooks, you might usage the adhering to online book by Prof. Madhukar Vable (a hardcopy is also obtainable for purchase via to Mechanics of Materials (PDF, 595 pages)Please click the over link to downfill the entire book for your research. Here is the Table of Content of the book: Chapter 1 Stress Chapter 2 Strain Chapter 3 Mechanical Properties of Materials Chapter 4 Axial Members Chapter 5 Torsion of Shafts Chapter 6 Symmetric Bfinishing of Beams Chapter 7 Deflection of Symmetric Beams Chapter 8 Stress Transdevelopment Chapter 9 Strain Transdevelopment Chapter 10 Design and FailureChapter 11 Stcapacity of ColumnsAppendices

For your convenience, we have actually a summary on this topic in the quiz area for you to downfill. You might additionally get an excellent expertise of the subject by reviewing some topics contained on the following web page: Mechanics of Material Basics: General Equation and Definitions (HTML)


Once you finish studying the over course content you should take a quiz to acquire the PDH credits.