IBM SPSS Statistics (or “SPSS” for short) is super basic software for modifying and analyzing data.

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This tutorial presents a quick overcheck out of what SPSS looks favor and also just how it basically functions.


SPSS’ main window is the data editor. It mirrors our data so we deserve to visually check it.

This tutorial describes just how the information editor works: we'll walk you through its main parts and also allude out some handy tips & tricks.


SPSS syntaxation is computer system code provided by SPSS for analyzing information, modifying information, running statistical tests and also even more.

Using SPSS syntaxes is super simple and also saves tons of time and initiative. This tutorial easily gets you started!


SPSS’ output window shows the tables, charts and statistical tests you run while analyzing your data.

This tutorial walks you with some basics such as exporting tables and charts to WORD or Excel. We'll likewise allude out some necessary tricks such as batch editing and styling tables and also charts.


The median is basically the worth that separates the 50% lowest from the 50% highest values.Example: a median income of $2,500 implies that 50% of all people earn less and also 50% earn more than that amount.


A Pearson correlation is a number between -1 and also +1 that indicates exactly how strongly two variables are linearly related.

This easy tutorial easily explains the basics with exceptional illustrations and also examples.

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A frequency circulation is a review of all values in some variable and also how regularly these take place.

Like so, a frequency circulation shows how frequencies are distributed over worths. This tutorial conveniently makes points clear with some basic examples.

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In SPSS, lacking worths refer to

device lacking values: values that are lacking from the data;user absent values: worths that are existing in the data but have to be excluded from analyses.

We'll conveniently walk you with both kinds. We'll additionally present how to detect, collection and deal with lacking values in SPSS.


Factor evaluation examines which variables in your data meacertain which underlying components.

This tutorial illustprices the concepts behind variable analysis with a simple step-by-step example in SPSS.

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The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test examines if a variable is normally distributed in some population.

This “normality assumption” is forced for t-tests, ANOVA and also many type of various other tests. This tutorial mirrors just how to run and analyze a Kolmogorov-Smirnov test in SPSS with some basic examples.


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SPSS has 2 kinds of variables:

numeric variables contain only numbers and have the right to be used for calculations;string variables contain message and also cannot be used for calculations.

Numeric variables come in several layouts such as simple numbers, days and percentperiods. Working through SPSS becomes much quicker and also simpler if you're conscious of variable forms and styles.

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Effect size is an interpretable number that quantifies the difference between data and also some hypothesis.

Effect dimension steps are helpful for comparing results across and also within researches. This tutorial helps you to select, obtain and also interpret an effect size for each significant statistical procedure.


Statistical meaning is around the probcapacity of finding your information under some null hypothesis.

If this probability (or “p”) is low -usually p Read even more...

A null hypothesis is an accurate statement about a populace that we attempt to reject via sample information.

Example: 20% of some population bring virus X. If a sample from this populace shows a very various percent, then we refuse this null hypothesis.

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Measurement levels are types of variables that tell you just how they have to be analyzed. There's 4 types:

This tutorial quickly walks you through via a basic flowchart and some examples.

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In SPSS, IF computes a brand-new or existing variable yet for an option of instances just.

For example:IF(GENDER = 0) SCORE = MEAN(Q1 TO Q5).computes “score” as the suppose over variables Q1 to Q5 yet only for situations whose sex is 0 (female).


SPSS FILTER excludes an option of instances from all subsequent analyses until you switch it off aget.

Using a filter comes down to developing a (new) filter variable and also activating it. This tutorial shows the simple way to execute so and points out some nice alternatives also.


The correct method to transform a string variable into a numeric one is the ALTER TYPE command.

This tutorial walks you through through some examples. We'll suggest out some tricks, pitdrops and options too.


The appropriate method to compute implies over variables is SPSS’ MEAN feature.

For example:COMPUTE MEAN_SCORE = MEAN(Q1 TO Q5).computes mean_score as the expect over variables Q1 to Q5. This technique also functions effectively if you there's any type of absent values in your data.

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