SPANISH 201 ONLINE COURSE Format: Hybrid Length: 8 Weeks Textbook:

Exploraciones: Curso Intermedio.

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My name is Claudia Acosta and also I will facilitate your finding out experience this term! Most students do well in my courses bereason they are concentrated and also identified to complete the sped up course. Get started with your weekly assignments, construct a research routine, and also maintain great interaction via your instructor. Have a good semester!

Course Description

Spanish 201 presents more progressed grammatical structures and syntaxes at the intermediate mid-level, emphasizing etymological and also cultural proficiency making use of social and also literary products. Taught completely in Spanish. UC/CSU Transferable 5 Units. Online shipment is via Canvas and also MindTap.

Course Information

The content will be yielded in weekly modules. Students are expected to login to Canvas on a regular basis each week to complete all work in Canvas and also MindTap. Quizzes and also exams have the right to be online or in class. Testing: Tright here will certainly be 1-2 mini-quizzes and exams per chapter, and an extensive last (created and oral).

Student Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate competence by interacting with analysis, composing, speaking, and listening in Spanish at the intermediate mid-level. Analyze the connection between perspectives, methods and products of the Spanish culture at the intermediate mid-level.

Textbook Information

No price to students. Wait to receive email instructions from instructor the week before begin of class.

Relevant Course Information

Computer with internet accessibility. Make sure your microphone is working correctly. Voice recording activities are an essential part of this course.

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Taballows, apps, and also various other mobile gadgets have the right to be supplied to check out or check out content, but assignments have the right to just be percreated on a computer system.

Additional Resources


The course can be accessed through Canvas atcv.fairtradeexpo.orgon the first day of the course. Follow the login instructions at the bottom of the display screen to log in. Here, you can also accessibility Canvas user guides via advantageous tips for navigating and utilizing Canvas. For any Canvas related concerns please call the Canvas Student Support line at (661)362-3344 throughout college business hrs, or (877)889-9052 for 24/7 support.

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