I"m unexpectedly having actually problems with my copies of Vegas Pro 15/16. I go to open up it and gain to the home window creation procedure, then it conks out giving a generic "An error has actually emerged while founding VEGAS Pro. An invalid discussion was specified." error. I"ve tried launching it directly from the install catalog, reinstalling, updating RivaTuner Statistics Server (it was said on an older thread) and applying current Windows updates. Neither variation will start, regardmuch less of just how i attempt to load them.

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Anyone have ideas for me to attempt as far as third-party assistance goes? MAGIX hasn"t been responding to my emails and also I require this solved sooner than later on.



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Posted June 19, 2019

try placing a OS on a usb and also then booting of that .

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5 weeks later on...

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Posted July 18, 2019

try placing a OS on a usb and then booting of that .

Will do, although I have my doubts that it can not occupational considering the speed of the USB 3.0 interconfront isn"t necessarily high enough in my instance to use the majority of video editing and enhancing software program.

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