Silhouette Cameo Online Course

I gain a lot of requests to put my classes online. And it’s been a work-in-development and a finding out suffer too!

I currently have 7 Silhouette classes accessible online on my Teachable website. These have been developed in response to repursuits by my students and also followers.

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These classes are produced in the Silhouette Studio v4 software application and also include all my tips, tricks, and also supply lists to finish each class. All of the classes are produced making use of the same class content that I usage once teaching a hand-operated, in-perboy lesboy and also have as little bit video editing as feasible, in order for you to gain the complete class effect.You don’t desire to hear me bumble over one tongue-twisting word 10 times, watch the Curio etch for 40 minutes, or view the frustration of a mic not working, so there are some areas that are edited or the rate raised (etching).

What are the online video classes available?

1. Basic Acrylic Etching through the Silhouette Curio

This is a 1 hour video class that is step-by-action in establishing up a style, establishing up the Curio, and etching on acrylic utilizing the Silhouette Curio.

The Silhouette Curio is an impressive machine that have the right to accommoday thicker products and works great for etching on metal and also acrylic.If you are simply getting began or have an interest in the Curio, inspect out theLet’s Explore the Curio – Getting Started article.

This bit machine deserve to absolutely add that individual touch to projects that others cannot.Check out this write-up on Silhouette Inspiration to check out a few more projects I’ve produced via the Silhouette Curio.

2. Creating a vinyl decal & layering vinyl making use of the Silhouette

This is a 1 hour course reflecting the whole process of developing, cutting, and layering an adhesive vinyl decal in the Silhouette Studio software program.

This class uses the Monogram Script Arrow font by Rivka Wilkins to produce a 3 shade decal using Oracal 651 adhesive vinyl.

3. Cutting & Layering HTV in Silhouette Studio

This is a 45-minute video class that is a step-by-step process of cutting & using a multi-color HTV style.

I offered the Sparkle Like a Unicorn design by Sarah Hurley via Siser HTV to develop this body suit gift in the video course.

4. Glass Etching with Silhouette

This glass etching video course is roughly 1 hour and 13 minutes showing the process of setting up a style to create a stencil for glass etching, cutting a stencil via Oracal 651 adhesive vinyl & Oramask 813, and also making use of Etchall glass etching cream.

5. Heat Transfer Print & Cut via Silhouette

In this 35-minute video course go via the step-by-step process of creating a print & cut style, printing on heat carry paper, cutting, and applying the warm transport paper.This course can apply to all print and reduced tasks no matter what material you are printing on.

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I supplied a Flamingo Clipart Mega Pack for the design and also JetPro SS Heat Transfer Paper from Heat Press Nation for this course.

6. Creating a Knockout Design with HTVBonus HTV & Subtract

This is a 1 hour video class to produce a HTV Knockout style through Silhouette Studio, cutting, and using the HTV. A brief bonus software application video with utilizing HTV & subtracting the style is additionally had.

I offered the USA States Dingbat Font by Sandi Idlemale and also Siser HTV in this class.

7. Creating a Rhinerock Deauthorize in Silhouette Studio

This is a 45 minute class developing a rhinerock style in the Silhouette software program, cutting from rhinerock layout product, and also using the rhinestone architecture to a zippered bag.

I offered Siser Glitter HTV, rhinerock materials from The Rhinerock World, and also a Cotton Zipper bag from Craft Chameleon in this class.The Designer Edition software application upgrade or higher is required to create a rhinerock style in the Silhouette software.

Why online classes?

Eexceptionally user is going to differ in where they are situated. Maybe they cannot obtain to an in-perchild lesson with an instructor, a workshop, or an occasion. Maybe their schedule does not work-related for booking a lesson in-perkid. It have the right to vary for all individuals.

Each user learns in a different way. Some world have the right to learn by analysis a tutorial and also pick it up via no worries, while others favor a video that they can pausage and also re-watch whenever they want. What I have actually learned by doing in-perboy lessons is that tright here deserve to be the majority of information discussed in the time of a 1 hour leskid and seldom carry out students remember whatever that was disputed. This is one reason that I additionally carry out a follow up email to my in person students to highlight some of the topics discussed. With a video clip leschild, you deserve to manage that and hear it aobtain as soon as you should.

Video course suggestions

As I stated over, these classes were created at the repursuit of students and also followers. Feel free to provide suggestions on video classes that you would prefer to watch by joining my Facebook group – Silhouette Secrets+ via EllyMae or sending an e-mail to silhouettesecretsplus

I do save a list of videos to produce and there are numerous in the process, however they do take time to develop. It has actually definitely been a finding out process for me. I understand the Silhouette software program and love teaching that, yet recording, video editing and enhancing software, video hosting sites…. that is all a brand-new people to me.

I would certainly love to watch how you are making use of your Silhouette machines!Feel free to write-up on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.



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