Short Stories With Figurative Language

Looking for new, complimentary texts for teaching figurative language? This article has brief stories, and also various other brief messages your students will certainly love!


Today I have figurative language on my mind: specifically simile, hyperbole, and personification. We don’t need to wait till we’re teaching poeattempt to share these fabulous poetic devices! Here are some non-poeattempt messages to use for teaching figurative language.

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Short Stories for Teaching Figurative Language

“The Girl via the Blue Lantern” by Tess Sharpe

This short story adheres to a poor girl, responsible for maintaining her family members fed, as she stumbles upon a mysterious source of gold in the woods. This story is perfect for teaching suspense! It has an in its entirety template of gold as both a gift and a curse, which makes it an excellent companion to stories prefer “The Monkey’s Paw” or “The Gift of the Magi.” Sharpe also offers a ton of beautiful similes as the narrator tries to make feeling of the unacquainted experiences she’s having actually.

You have the right to find this short story in All Out, an anthology of historical fiction featuring LGBTQ+ authors and protagonists. You deserve to uncover my various other references for short story anthologies here.

Puro Amor by Sandra Cisneros

Students might already be familiar via Cisneros’ job-related from her 1984 novel, The Housage On Mango Street. And you deserve to expect even more lush pclimbed from this brief story. Pur Amor is a loosely based in-truth exploration of the partnership in between Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. It alludes to their genuine life personas, yet is fictional, not autobiographical.

It is truly a beautiful review. With phrases choose “the sky was the color of pewter and the clouds hurried by choose woguys on their means to the industry,” Cisneros’ words are as evocative as Kahlo and also Rivera’s art. It would certainly be a wonderful mentor text for simile/metaphor and also descriptive language.

The story is easily accessible for free (online) from the Washington Post.

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“202 Checkmates” by Rion Amilautomobile Scott

This modern brief story poignantly defines a father teaching his young daughter to play chess. Scott beautifully splits the setting between their living room wright here they sit on the “scratchy brvery own couch,” playing chess through her fathers “chipped and faded” pieces, to the park where the daughter goes to watch the intense games in between Manny and also Chester. It’s filled with so a lot descriptive language that you deserve to easily close your eyes and imagine yourself in the scenes.

I determined this story as an instance of personification bereason of how Scott brings the chess pieces to life, imbuing them with human attributes. Like the queen that starts off on her own color square, “because she likes to enhance,” or the very closely explained movements of a “determined black pawn.”

You can review this story for cost-free on

Note: Because of some solid language, I would certainly take into consideration this story appropriate for high schoolers just. As always, you understand your students ideal.

More short texts for teaching figurative language

 “Jolene” by Dolly Parton

“He talks about you in his sleep

And there’s nothing I have the right to execute to keep

From crying as soon as he calls your name,


This is a good example of exactly how songs have the right to fit perfectly right into a poetry unit. Parton’s keening refrain of the name “Jolene” offers an excellent example of repetition as a poetic gadget. Each time she invokes her rival’s name it feels more and also even more desperate. Pair this through Poe’s “The Raven” to show just how haunting repetition have the right to be.

Using “The Raven’’ and “Jolene” also permits you to cover a number of literary devices together. Repetition (in both), simile (in exactly how Parton explains the title character), and personification (in “The Raven”).

“As I Walked Out One Evening” by W. H. Auden and also “A Thousand also Years” by Christina Perri

This is an additional old and also brand-new poem/song combo, yet this time for teaching hyperbole. In both messages, the speaker (or singer) is expressing their love by utilizing hyperbole. Auden uses phrases choose, “I’ll love you till the ocean/Is folded and hung up to dry,” and “‘I’ll love you, dear, I’ll love you/Till China and also Africa satisfy,” while Perri sings “I have actually died day-to-day waiting for you” and also “I have loved you for a thousand years/I’ll love you for a thousand also more”

This does a wonderful task of showing students that, while literary styles may differ, the use of figurative language is present in every era.

Activity: Have students write 5 unique hyperbolic statements professing their love for somepoint. The sillier the better! And teachers, you can take component in this too