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The straightforward and also fun method to learn addition facts and multiplication tables

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Why Choose Us?

Nicole the Math Lady offers engaging teaching videos and also virtual grading solutions to make math straightforward and also straightforward for you. Her animated teaching style turns the rigorous Saxon Math curriculum into something that’s fun and amazing for your son.

Lesson Videos

Nicole the Math Lady teaches the same material in the Saxon Math leschild book, but in a style that engeras youngsters like the printed page simply can’t.

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Online Grading

Online grading of Saxon Math practice sets and tests saves you time while providing students immediate feedback.

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One-Minute Tutorials

Need a quick reminder of just how to perform something? Nicole the Math Lady’s One-Minute Tutorials will remind you just how in a flash.

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Drill Team TM

Learn and also exercise addition, subtractivity, multiplication and division math facts via Drill Team TM.

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Need an extra detailed look at a particular math topic? Nicole the Math Lady’s Masterclasses are 30 minutes to 1 hour classes that are great for filling gaps.

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Class Chat

Parental fees and also older students have the right to write-up inquiries around Saxon Math practice difficulties and gain explanations from fellow classmates and the Nicole the Math Lady team.

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Student Clubs

Student clubs help students excel by recognizing perseverance, hard work-related, and also success.

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Saxon Math Textbooks

Order Saxon Math pre-packaged kits or individual textbooks and solutions manuals at the click of a button.

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We appreciate and reward our parent partners for sharing the Nicole the Math Lady love via our referral program.

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She renders the lessons lively!

Nicole…has a casual, friendly, encouraging attitude that students are most likely to gain. She consists of her very own techniques for remembering concepts—mnemonics, tricks, silly songs.

Cathy Duffy, Cathy Duffy Reviews

In the span of five minutes, we went from utter confusion to content understanding.

I listened to my husband also talk with simple probability with my daughter. As the frustration built, I gained accessibility to the portal of glorious videos on Nicole the Math Lady. It was wonderful to have actually a third-party tutor action in and diffusage the moment of tension in between teacher and also student.

Betsy Strauss, Family Format Schooling

Nicole’s videos are awesome.

She doesn’t make corny jokes or overly try to be funny. She just appears to have actually a naturally engaging personality that comes through in her videos. While she’s upbeat and engaging, she’s also quick and to the point. Anvarious other huge plus!

Adrienne Bolton, The Mommy Mess

Nicole the Math Lady will certainly help you balance job-related and also homeschool.

It will provide you an additional tool to foster independence and also offer them the devices to succeed in math!

Amy Lanham, Life as Lanhams

NICOLEisms take her math instruction to a level I can’t carry out.

She has actually tips and also tricks and mnemonic gadgets that make understanding complicated math concepts a tiny much easier. And, they make the lessons engaging for youngsters that don’t desire to need to ask mommy for assist.

Tara Mitchell, Embark on the Journey

If you’ve been homeschooling for a while, you’ve probably acquired the question, “What’s one point you wish you would have actually well-known once you began homeschooling?” Well, here’s mine: Nicole the Math Lady.

Alicia Hutchinson,

Nicole has actually constantly loved teaching math! At the age of 10, she provided her mini blackboard to teach math to her community friends. At the age of 16, she obtained her initially actual project as a math tutor for fellow students. Now, she teaches math to thousands of students each and also eincredibly day. See why Nicole must be your Saxon Math teacher!