So currently that we’ve extended the basics of formal essay framework, it’s time to begin drafting your Rhetorical Analysis. Let’s begin by reviewing the grading rubric for the essay (PDF obtainable here and also additionally under the “Major Assignments” tab). This is how I will certainly be evaluating your last Rhetorical Analysis essay:

Grading Rubric for Essay 1: Rhetorical Analysis


(30 possible points)

Thesis says in clear and also straight language: the author’s central message; 2-4 rhetorical strategies/devices that the writer used to convey that message; and also whether the author was or was not effective in persuading the audience

Thesis fails to encompass one or even more of the forced facets, or is doing not have clarity by being too basic or specific


Thesis is challenging to locate or thesis focuses on summary of the text or the topic, quite than analysisThesis is undetectable or completely irappropriate to the assignment


(20 feasible points)

The essay uses evidence in the create of relevant straight quotes from the text in order to support the thesis statement and topic sentences.

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Mostly relevant quotes from the text are offered that logically assistance the case being made

Inenough evidence is contained, or the evidence consisted of is not incredibly relevantNo evidence is had at all, or the proof had is completely irrelevant and falls short to prove the claim

(25 possible points)

The essay properly engperiods with the text by analyzing the rhetorical triangle, rhetorical appeals, and/or literary devices present in the proof and also explaining just how these selections add to the author’s message

Analysis of the text is greatly great and also somewhat supported, however can be improved; focus is largely on analysis (not summary)Infinish analysis of the text; not sufficient emphasis on rhetorical triangle or appeals; too a lot summaryNo evaluation of rhetorical facets whatsoever; overuse of summary and/or quotes; focuses on the topic of the text quite than its rhetoric

(15 feasible points)

The essay is well-arranged, with an introduction that begins generally and narrows dvery own to the thesis statement; body paragraphs containing topic sentences, proof, and also analysis; and a conclusion that reiterates the thesis and ends extensively. Ideas circulation smoothly in a logical sequence.

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Flow of principles could be even more properly sequenced; a lot of paragraphs have actually clear topic sentences that are adhered to by evidence and also analysis; intro and conclusion are primarily well-structuredIdeas do not constantly circulation in a logical manner; paragraphs frequently perform not have clear topic sentences, and also proof and analysis carry out not always followSequence of ideas and paragraphs appears aimless and haphazard; no topic sentences current or topic sentences perform not emphasis on analysis; proof and evaluation missing from paragraphs
Grammar & Style

(10 possible points)
The essay is accordingly formatted in MLA style and is complimentary of distracting spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors. It additionally uses precise vocabulary and also descriptive language throughout.Essay is mainly formatted correctly in MLA style; there are only a couple of errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation, but they are not exceptionally distracting.Inconsistent MLA formatting; several significant errors in spelling, grammar, punctuationNo attempt made to format in MLA; many type of distracting errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation; informal or incorrect language used
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