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We have actually sources and answers to your generally asked concerns about the Rethinking Equity and also Teaching for English Language Learners (RETELL) and Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) Endorsement demands and also courses.

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How does the new bilingual education legislation impact SEI Endorsement requirements? The SEI Endorsement requirements for Massachusetts educators will certainly remain in place. For more, Read The Policy Minute, the blog developed by the MTA"s Center for Education Policy and Practice.

ESL Law & SEIMTA on Bilingual Ed Law

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As of July 1, 2016, all Core Academic Teachers of ELLs and all administrators that are supervising and also evaluating core academic teachers of ELLs should host the SEI Endorsement or achieve the SEI Endorsement within one year. Faientice to qualify for the SEI Endorsement might cause one’s license being "restricted" and blocked from being extfinished, advanced or renewed.

Educators May Choose Any Route to SEI Endorsement:

Approved educator preparation routine For-cost SEI Endorsement courses SEI MTEL exam Hold an ESL teacher license DESE review of prior coursework

Teachers should host the SEI Endorsement to attain an initial license as a core academic teacher. This uses to all initial license applications after July 1, 2014.

Educators absent just the SEI Endorsement need might use for the commissioner"s determination to extfinish the validity duration for a preliminary license.

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Core Academic Teachers: Teachers of students with moderate disabilities; teachers of students via significant disabilities; subject-location teachers in English, analysis or language arts, mathematics, science, civics and also government, business economics, background and also location, at an early stage childhood and elementary teachers.

Educators May Choose Any Route to SEI Endorsement:

Approved educator preparation regime For-cost SEI Endorsement courses SEI MTEL exam Hold an ESL teacher license DESE evaluation of prior coursework

Regulations: Requirements for Licensure, 603 CMR 7.04

Academic Professional Licenses

Requirements for those renewing academic skilled licenses*.

150 Total PDPs:

15 PDPs in Content 15 PDPs in Pedagogy 15 PDPs in ESL/SEI 15 PDPs in SPED 90 Elective PDPs

PDPs earned from DESE SEI Endorsement:

May be counted as content, SEI or elective PDPs. May roll over right into next license renewal cycle if the educator already holds 150 PDPs.

Regulations:Licenses Renewed On or After July 1, 2016, 603 CMR 44.06

*Vocational Technical Teachers (Ch. 74) are not subject to the brand-new PDP demands.

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