Retail Math Online Course

Retail Math: Mathematics for Profitable Merchandising

Retailing is all company activities associated in planning and procuring products and also services from merchants and pricing, positioning and also presenting...

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Markup as a Merchandising Tool: Basic Merchandising Mathematics

Merchandising is all the business tasks affiliated in planning, creating, distributing and also marketing merchandise assortments and also classifications...


Retail Math: Pricing Decisions

As previously disputed in Part 2, retail pricing is based on both quantitative and also qualitative decisions and is both an art and also scientific research.


Retail Math: Effective Markdvery own Techniques: Planning Markdowns

The buying procedure is both a science and art. Thus, the procedure is influenced by the buyer’s intuition.


Retail Math: Mathematics for Manipulating Profit Variables

The term Income Statement suggests success of the retailer’s achievement to meet planned sales objectives or to bring in revenue, while the Operating...


Review to Skeletal Profit and Loss Statement: Calculating the P & L Components

It examines the partnership of Net Sales, Cost of Goods Sold, Gross Margin, Operating Expenses and Operating Profit plus the interrelationships...

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Summary to Expanded Profit and also Loss Statement: Calculating the P & L Components

This course increases information about the major components and provides included expertise about the contents within those components

Retail Math: Developing the Six Month Merchandise Plan

Retailing is all the business tasks associated in planning and procuring items and also solutions from sellers and pricing, placing, presenting...

Pre-Planning Stage for Development of the Six Month Plan: The Environmental Scan

This phase gives the foundation for making critical decisions relating to the calculation of the future merchandise arrangement.

Collection of Numerical Documents Information Stage for Development of the Six Month Plan

Stage 2 of arising the Six Month Merchandise Plan is the collection of numerical data that must be analyzed in order to build a basis for...

Calculation Stage for Advancement of the Six Month Plan

Based upon the indevelopment discovered in the previous steras, the buyer has an extensive foundation upon which to make decisions for a realistic...

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