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I’ve had actually a love/hate connection for some time with cotton batting. On one hand also, it’s a herbal product, so I don’t have to issue fairly so a lot around breapoint in chemicals or tiny fibers of polyester. And the stitch meaning you get on cotton batting? Nothing else compares. But on the other hand, cotton’s weight and also thickness renders it tough to machine quilt unmuch less you’ve gained shoulders of steel, and I’ve found in the previous that after quilting, the batting gets stiff. The stitches pop, sure, yet it’s a little bit favor cuddling up in a heavy paper bag. For useful quilting, cotton hasn’t really been my favorite.

But I’m finding out that, like quilting cotlots, not all cotton battings are created equal. One of the distinctions is the visibility of scrim or binders, which are exceptionally thin stabilizing products. They store the batting from extending and also warping during the quilting procedure, however they make the batting slightly harder to sew through and affect the final drape of the quilt. Many kind of renowned and well-regarded cotton battings include scrim. It’s a issue of personal choice for many quilters.

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Quilter’s Dream Cotton, on the other hand, does not incorporate scrim; it’s 100% cotton. In reality, it has actually no glues or bindings of any sort and is held together mechanically by needlepunching. It costs a little bit even more than some of the batting accessible at the big-box fabric stores, but I’ve heard loads of quilters swear by it. (And probably the price difference is not so a lot if you have the right to score it on sale; say, on Massdrop or something! HA.) I was interested to play a little via it and view how it would certainly affect my conflicted opinion of cotton battings. I whipped up a quick quilt peak and also back featuring Andover chambray, and also then headed to Amy Wade Originals to quilt it on the longarm.


First of all, Amy’s machine LOVED this batting. Her Gammill is a picky sucker, however I had absolutely no thcheck out breaks or anxiety concerns at all. NONE. In reality, I had the ability to bump the speed of the machine up to a little bit faster than usual, and it simply glided over the quilt choose it was nopoint. Point for Quilter’s Dream. The information of the stitching was fantastic; I provided a poly threview to make it pop a little more, and experienced the meaning I’ve come to intend from cotton. I likewise left a 12″ square unquilted, just for fun. It was just after I took the quilt off the rails that I realized that 8″ was the recommfinished maximum distance. WHOOPSIES! Thankfully, the quilt washed up beautitotally and also the batting hosted together favor a champ.


Quilter’s Dream is not a light batting; I used the Select, which is the second lowest loft, and also though it’s reasonably thin, it’s dense. I skilled some of the usual wrestling with the quilt as I was machine-sewing the binding. Granted, I don’t have actually a lot room to spreview out and so I need to carry out the Giant Quilt Roll-Up, yet it was still a little bit of a challenge. I powered with, though. I’ve been hitting the gym a little even more lately and also offered these firearms a workout. After I finimelted the binding, I wanted to provide it the ultimate test: THE SPIN CYCLE. Would the quilt come out of tright here all stiff, or would certainly the lack of stabilizers have actually a positive outcome on the drape?


The results were in. The verdict: NICE. Quilter’s Dream definitely has actually the a lot of delicious drape and hand also that I’ve ever competent in a cotton batting. It’s not super lightweight and fluffy favor poly, and it’s not super silky choose bamboo, however it’s certainly soft and flexible while still being warm and also extensive. It crinkled up well, and also this quilt will certainly make an excellent throw for the chilly basement (the squares are a great enhance to the husband’s Sparty Quilt, no?). I feel favor I can curl up in it and acquire all cozy. I certainly recommend Quilter’s Dream as the go-to for cotton battings, and also I’ll be making use of it myself from now on.

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