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"Piano Tuning And Repair For Profit," my depicted eight lesson piano tuning course can teach you to tune and also repair pianos and begin earning earnings for yourself and your family members in the shortest time feasible. It is as cshed as you deserve to come to apprenticing with a functioning tuner and also it"s only $428.00 finish, including a quality 26 item Schaff Piano Company type of tuning, repair and regulation tool kit, email and phone assistance for as long as needed and comprehensive instructions on exactly how to start your own piano company business. Price has shipping in UNITED STATE (Addition shipping charges use for Canadian and International shipping).

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Course FeaturesOver 160 pages of straightforward instructions.Aural tuning method with detailed charts.Multiple tuning exercises construct tuning abilities.Two regulation and repair lessons.Clearly on composed and also shown leschild publications.Sound documents and animated charts teach you to hear Beat prices, in addition to Video samples of the tuning exercises, all on USB Flash Drive. Animated sound charts of 2 complete tuning methodsPhotograph rich PDF write-ups of common repairs.Commercially publimelted paperago book, "Tuner"s Pocket Companion."Sections on reliable heralding, managing clients, structure a business, contacting wholesale parts carriers and keeping client records. Phone/email support as long as required. Free shipping in U.S.
Work from your very own home on any type of piano you have accessible. Piano tuners can earn $90 to $120 or even more per tuning, complimentary of time clocks and demanding bosses. Tright here are millions of pianos that require tuning in eincredibly city and tvery own. It"s pleasant and rewarding work and also I have the right to teach it to you without busting your budobtain. Compare my course to any various other on Google and also you"ll view that I carry out similar products as any kind of "institution," yet with much less mark-up and also even more personal support because I am a real piano tuner, not an Web firm. Piano tuning isn"t rocket science -- it is a hands-on ability, not a musical one. Anyone via normal hearing and a desire to learn deserve to understand it making use of my straightforward illustrated directions via video and audio exercises and also samples. No enrollment hassle, namong the confusing, abstract acoustic concept of some tuning courses that so often discourage beginners. I teach an easy to follow, skilled, time prrange, aural step-by-action tuning approach through the focus constantly on useful abilities you have the right to usage to start earning income easily.
You"ll learn:The background of pianos.How pianos are created.The various styles of pianos.How to preserve a piano.How to Handle the tuning leverHearing the "Beat," the significance of piano tuning.Tuning uniboy strings, octaves and intervals.Building the range (temperament, tuners speak to it).Tuning the treble and also bass notes.Raising and also lowering pitch.Using digital tuners and also other tuning aids.Regulating the piano action and also pedals.Typical activity, keyboard and also bridge repairs.Wbelow to order components and provides wholesale.How to get started in organization.Building a customer file.Types of declaring that do and also don"t work.Dealing through music stores, and even more.
Discover from my experience. I am NOT a institution, I am an experienced working piano tuner you can contact for advice anytime you have actually a trouble. I will not disappear after I"ve camelted your check.
Work on your own schedule and learn on any kind of acoustic piano you have actually available, vertical or grand - tright here is no time limit to finish the course. Regular exercise is the essential to proficiency and you alone manage your discovering. Includes the commercial booklet "Tuner"s Pocket companion."
I am Peter Summers, an independent piano tuner that has tuned hundreds of pianos for amateur and also skilled performers over the past 40 years. For 10 years I was the official piano tuner for the yearly Kansas City Jazz And Blues Festival which featured many type of substantial name bands and pianists. I also did in-keep tunings for among the Midwest"s largest piano shops. Read more or call (816) 214-5356. If I"m not in, leave your number. I perform rerotate calls.
Success as a piano tuner is not just discovering - it"s earning. Most piano tuners nowadays learn by mail order courses, according to Keyboard Magazine. But success is not simply a matter of discovering the skills to tune a piano. Courses that disregard helpful service advice are only half finish. Just as necessary are the skills you must discover clients and also begin earning income. My course consists of two full sections on topics crucial to structure a freelance business, based upon my 40 years of working suffer -- tips that you will not find in other places.
Prices (and also tuning fees) can just go up.
So why wait? Get started this particular day training for a lucrative and also independent new career in piano tuning and also repair and begin earning income for yourself and your household. It will certainly never before be easier or much less expensive. DVD video examples, multiple tuning exercises and also testimonial questions will conveniently build your tuning abilities. Complicated acoustic theory is consigned to the Appendix section so you have the right to emphasis on what you have to perform and also just how to carry out it.

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PLUS 26 peak top quality devices (the wholesale price of the devices alone accounts for a lot of the fee) and also my individual support for as lengthy as you require.Full price $428.00** -- Order Now and also you"ll receive: Piano Tuning And Repair For Profit (two lesboy booklets). A 26 item Schaff Piano Company tool kit. Web web page style supplements and also 4 Videos of the tuning exercises on USB Flash Drive.The bonus booklet "Piano Tuner"s Pocket Companion" Endless Email and phone assistance.**Internationwide orders need additional shipping charge. Please choose shipping destination on the order switch food selection.
Prices and also Shipping
United States $428.00 USDCanada $448.00 USDInternational $478.00 USD
To order by crmodify card, usage the PayPal "Add to Cart" button and also pick the shipping location from the drop dvery own menu. To pay by check or money order, print an order develop, or send your examine and shipping deal with to: Peter Summers, 4020 Mill Street, apt 506, Kansas City, MO., 64111. If you have actually any type of concerns about the course, speak to me at (816) 214-5356.I deserve to typically ship your order the very same business day I obtain it. Tool kit and publications are normally shipped in sepaprice packeras. Your satisfactivity is guaranteed. If not totally satisfied, ssuggest rerotate the books and also devices in excellent condition within fourteenager days and also your money will be refunded, no concerns asked.
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