Physics a first course online textbook

Physics A First Course offers guided inquiry, contemporary ideas and language, manual investigation, and also multiple finding out layouts to help all students learn and also succeed. The regime provides a solid grounding in physics concepts and a firm foundation for further science study. Consistent with the “Physics First” philosophy, this Teaching and also Learning System uses relations to the actual human being as well as to modern technology, chemistry, biology, and other sciences. The regime reinpressures math and also scientific research comprehension skills while it builds an knowledge of exactly how the world functions.

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Student Textbook


Landscape "one-concept" web page spreads and full-shade graphics improve learning and retention.

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Hardcover: 560 pages

Unit 1: Forces and MotionChapter 1: Describing the Physical UniverseChapter 2: Laws of MotionChapter 3: Conservation LawsUnit 2: Energy and SystemsChapter 4: Machines, Work, and EnergyChapter 5: Forces in EquilibriumChapter 6: Equipment in MotionUnit 3: Matter and EnergyChapter 7: Temperature, Energy, and also MatterChapter 8: Physical Properties of MatterChapter 9: The AtomUnit 4: Energy and also ChangeChapter 10: Energy Flow and SystemsChapter 11: Changes in MatterChapter 12: RelativityUnit 5: ElectricityChapter 13: Electric CircuitsChapter 14: Electrical SystemsChapter 15: Electrical Charges and ForcesUnit 6: Electricity and also MagnetismChapter 16: MagnetismChapter 17: Electromagnets and InductionChapter 18: Fields and also ForcesUnit 7: Vibrations,Waves, and SoundChapter 19: Harmonic MotionChapter 20: WavesChapter 21: SoundUnit 8: Light and also OpticsChapter 22: Light and also ColorChapter 23: OpticsChapter 24: The Physical Nature of Light

Students learn ideal with direct suffer and exploration.Softcover: 132 pages

36 hand-operated investigations (2 per chapter) and also 8 lab skills activitiesCompletely integrated via readings in student message and also teacher’s guideStudents design and also conduct experiments; construct and also test conclusions; observe results; and gather, document, and analyze dataKey questions begin each examination to emphasis the student on significant concepts


Equipment Kit

Hands-On Equipment—High-high quality, specially designed solid wood devices brings a fully new level of excitement into your classroom.


Kit Includes:

Atom Building GameAtwood's ApparatusColor Mixing SetDataCollector through photogates and also temperature probeElectric CircuitsLeverMarble LauncherNavigational CompassOptics via Light and ColorPhysics StandRipcord GeneratorRopes and also PulleysSmartTrack via Energy CarsSound and also WavesSprings and also SwingsSpring Scale setSuper CapacitorVelocity SensorWave TrayWeights Set