Orton-Gillingham Training Online Course

REACH OG Learning Centre is proud to be the leading provider of accredited Orton-Gillingham training in Canada. Click right here to find out more around where and as soon as our following training will certainly be!

The OG training curricula ceded via REACH OG Learning Centres has actually been occurred by our Executive Director, Corey Zylstra, M.Ed.Corey is known and also acattributed as an Orton-Gillingham Master Trainer for the Canadian Orton-Gillingham Academy (MT/CATT, OG), an Honorary Other of the American OG Academy (HF/AOGPE) and also as a Certified Dyslexia Therapist with the International Dyslexia Association - Center for Effective Reading Instruction (CDT/IDA-CERI).

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We sell training for hundreds of teachers each year in multiple areas in Canada and in numerous countries about the world. We work-related via schools, districts and also universities to ensure top quality, experienced, accredited OG training.

To end up being an Orton-Gillingham Practitioner, permitting assistance for students in a 1:1 setting: OGP applicants need to complete:Foundations of MSLE and OG Practitioner coursework, complied with by OG Practitioner Practicum. After effective completion of the practicum, the trainee would certainly be eligible to use to the Canadian OG Academy (CATT, OG) for certification as an OG Practitioner-Interim and also start functioning in the field. Keep in mind, trainees need to complete all basic training noted over in order to qualify as an OG Practitioner.

To become trained as an Orton-Gillingham Classroom Educator, giving support in classrooms and also learning assistance centres in schools: OGCE applicants need to complete Foundations of MSLE adhered to by OG Classroom Educator courses and also host a teaching degree. Successful OGCEs would certainly then be eligible to use for OGCE credentials.

Auditing our courses:Are you an educator or OG Practitioner who has actually completed our training in the past however would favor to update or revisit the curriculum to refresh your skills or update your credentials? As research proceeds to thrive to improve our knowledge of exactly how to finest support our learners, so does our curriculum in each of our certificate level courses. Due to researches, we are currently able to market an main audit level of our training courses. If you are interested in auditing a course through which you have currently completed, please email us for availcapability and to watch if we have the right to accommodate your repursuit to join us aget. Fees for auditing a Foundations, OGP or OGCE course will certainly be 50% of the present course fee plus any kind of asked for publications.

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Foundations of OG/MSLE

Foundations of Multisensory Structured Language Education (MSL) is an introductory course to Orton-Gillingham / Structured Literacy education and learning and also training. This 30 hour training course has been designed to prepare educators for either clinical training in the Orton-Gillingham approach (OGP) or Orton-Gillingham training for classroom teachers (OGCE). Apverified by the Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Tutors, Orton-Gillingham as apverified foundational training, the course likewise serves as a vital connect to current research for Orton-Gillingham Practitioners currently in practice. This is an acattributed course that has assignments for course completion. This course is now presented as a hybrid course via some content ceded with webinars before two days of onwebsite training. Registrants will be sent web links to the virtual component around 3 weeks prior to the confront to challenge sessions. Course completion assignments will certainly also be conducted through our online platdevelop. *Completion of this training meets eligibility demands for Supporter level membership via CATT, OG.

Course content: Dyslexia, Overview to the Structured Literacy and the Orton-Gillingham Approach, Stperiods of Reading Development, Current Research in Effective Practices for Teaching Literacy, Response to Intervention (RTI) in the classroom, Phonological and also Phonemic Awareness and Dispelling Typical Confusions, Phonology (sounds and sound-symbol relationships), Orthographic Code, Decoding (from sound-symbol to blfinishing sounds to message reading), Assessment of Reading Fluency.

This course is suitable for educators and parental fees who wish to learn more about the Orton-Gillingham / MSL technique to supporting learners who struggle via language. Open to classroom teachers, finding out assistant teachers, SLPs, school administration, psychologists, audiologists, educational aides and also others sustaining students finding out to check out and spell. The many widespread feedearlier from course attendees is that all educators require the content of this course and that they wish they had taken it years prior to.

As the live sessions will certainly happen digital by means of zoom, course materials will certainly be mailed out around 30 days before the live sessions. If you reside outside of BC, Canada, you will receive an invoice for distribution expenses at the moment of shipping.


Course fee: $595. + GST. Materials are contained.

This OGP course will certainly currently be available as a live online course because of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

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CourseLocationDatesAvailcapacity *
OG1 FoundationsReach - LangleyJuly 12 & 13, 2021 (Mon & Tue 9am-4pm PST - live digital through Zoom)Full - Waitlisted
Fall dates coming soon!

* The availability information above might not reflect the actual standing. Please click the attach to the registration page to find out if your course is easily accessible.

Fall Foundations courses will certainly be announced soon!


OG Practitioner Training

Orton-Gillingham Practitioner training at REACH consists of over 60 training hrs designed to prepare educators to begin offering clinical assistance in a 1 on 1 environment utilizing the Orton-Gillingham strategy. This is fully acattributed coursework and hence consists of assignments and testing for course completion. A pre-study package will be sent out prior to the coursework-related and also contains around 20 hrs of readings and also products preparations. Online assistance content helps trainees access research aids and also materials throughout their courseoccupational. Our training course meets the rigorous criteria collection out by a number of nationwide and global organizations (CATT, OG, AOGPE, IDA/CERI, etc) and also we are the leading provider of acattributed OG coursejob-related in several nations. Course Content: VAKT Teaching and Learning, O-G Procedures: Founding a Baseline (Diagnostic Teaching), Visual Recontact, Word Reading, Auditory Respeak to, Word Spelling and also SOS Procedures, Sight Word Reading and also Spelling, OG Teaching of Sound/Symbol Relationships, OG Teaching of Sight Words, Penmanship Teaching, Diagnostic and also Prescriptive Teaching Using the Orton-Gillingham Approach in a 1:1 establishing, the OG Clinical Leskid Plan for 1:1 Remediation, Syllabication, Orthography (spelling rules), Comparative Spellings (Ratios), Morphology, Reading (consisting of blending) and Building Reading Fluency, Comprehension, Basic Composition Skills *Practice lessons will certainly be assigned. Completion of OG4 (oversaw practicum) is compelled to become a certified OG Practitioner with an accrediting body such as CATT, OG or AOGPE. Prerequisites: BA / B.Ed or SLP certification. Equivalent post-secondary education and learning may meet requirements. *Completion of Foundations of OG/MSLE. Criminal document search is likewise required and trainees need to submit their completed criminal document clearance to their trainer by the initially day of classes.

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As the live sessions will certainly occur digital using zoom, course products will certainly be mailed out around 30 days before the live sessions. If you reside outside of BC, Canada, you will get an invoice for shipment expenses at the time of shipping.

Course fee: $975 + GST Course products fee: $255.

This OGP course will certainly currently be offered as a live online course because of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

* The availcapability info over may not reflect the actual condition. Please click the link to the registration web page to discover out if your course is accessible.

Additional course text books must be purchased by trainees and also lugged to class. Some readings are required during the pre-examine component for this course. Texts are easily accessible from Amazon or direct from the publisher:

Birsh, J. R. & Carreker, S. (2018). Multisensory teaching of fundamental language skills (fourth ed.). Brookes Publishing Company type of. Baltieven more, MD.

Gillingham, A., & Stillguy, B.W. (1997). The Gillingham Manual: Remedial Training for Children via Specific Disability in Reading, Spelling and Penmanship (8th ed.). Cambridge, MA: Educators Publishing Service.

Note: All registrants need to be all set to scan/upfill duplicates of the following documents during the registration process: levels and/or post secondary diplomas and also OG1 completion date and also trainer info. Please have scans of these records all set on your computer. Once your application has been reregarded and also accepted, we will certainly contact you and also send you your pre-examine package. Criminal Record Search clearances may be submitted to your trainer on the first day of classes. If you are not welcomed right into the course, your registration fee will certainly be reimbursed much less a $200 handling fee.

OG Practitioner Practicum

Completion of a supervised practicum is not just a necessity for expert accreditation in Canada or US, yet is additionally an essential element in the finding out process for OG Practitioner Trainees. Our OGP-Practicum is an chance to very closely exercise steps and lesson plan implementation learned in the REACH OGP coursework-related. Our current updates incorporate an asynchronous practicum companion course to assistance Trainees via mindful guidance as they job-related with their OGP-Practicum. Our practicum program is self-paced and also designed to assistance OGP-Trainees functioning in their own communities through support and mentorship from our skilled Supervising Mentor (SM) team. After registration in our practicum, Trainees will be enrolled in our asynchronous webinar companion course and matched through a Supervising Mentor. Our new added practicum companion course helps overview Trainees through the practicum procedure and also each of the assignments throughout the routine. Trainees will be supported by their SM while implementing OG measures consisting of creating diagnostic and also prescriptive structured proficiency lessons in a Tier 3 (1:1) face-to-face establishing. Lessons will certainly be oboffered by sharing taped videos and also receiving careful and constructive feedback. Practicum participation will take approximately 4 months however might take as much as one year to complete. Trainees must have actually usage of a trusted lapheight through video recording capabilities, high speed internet accessibility, and also a printer. Completion of observed practicum lessons is compelled for Trainees who seek to obtain certification through an OG certifying body (Canada or US). *Course completion certification of concept AND practicum will be issued after satismanufacturing facility completion of the practicum.

Prerequisite: Satismanufacturing facility completion of Foundations of MSL and OG Practitioner Training and also submitted Criminal Record Search clearance.

CourseLocationDatesAvailability *
Practitioner PracticumIn your very own locationOn your very own timeRegistration Closed

**Registration for OG Practicum is closed and will re-open around the middle of August. Thank you for your patience.**

Cost: $950 + GST. Course products fee: $268

This OGCE course will currently be available as a live virtual course because of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

OG Classroom Educator Training

Using the Orton-Gillingham technique and also rationale for teaching, sign up with our certified OG Trainers to learn how to implement the OG approach in a classroom or small team establishing such a Learning Assistance / Reresource centre. This course will certainly investigate OG classroom steps for providing structured, sequential, multisensory language and also phonics instruction in a classroom setting, including steps for RTI implementation and progress surveillance. Provide instruction in reading and also spelling that allows your students to be “Detectives” of the language and also learn the code for mastering phonology, orthography, and syllabication. Strategies for penmanship/ letter formations, sight word teaching, alphabet sequencing, sound/symbol relationships, spelling rules, and also syllables will be examined and also practiced. Specific techniques for explicit analysis and spelling instruction will certainly be examined and also exercised. This is a 60 hour course gave over 5 or 6 classroom sessions.

Prerequisite: Open to practicing teachers, speech pathologists and others via education and learning degrees AND completion of Foundations of OG/MSL. A pre-study package will certainly be sent out about one month prior to OGCE and should be completed before the first day of class.

As the live sessions will happen virtual using zoom, course materials will be mailed out approximately 30 days prior to the live sessions. If you reside external of BC, Canada, you will certainly get an invoice for distribution expenses at the moment of shipping.

Additional course message book demands to be purchased by trainees and lugged to course. Some readings are required throughout the pre-research component for this course. Texts are obtainable from Amazon or straight from the publisher:

Birsh, J. R. & Carreker, S. (2018). Multisensory teaching of basic language skills (fourth ed.). Brookes Publishing Company type of. Baltieven more, MD.

CourseLocationDatesAvailcapacity *
OG Classroom EducatorAlberta, CanadaJuly 12 - 16, 2021 (9am to 4pm MST - live online through Zoom) Full - waitlisted

* The availcapability information over may not reflect the actual condition. Please click the link to the registration web page to find out if your course is easily accessible.