Online tantra course

Sarita involves you! If acquiring to a residential workshop is hard, then connecting through Sarita over the internet might be the perfect answer.

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Master Lover Online:We are catapulted right into life without ever before being provided clear information around how to make love or exactly how to have actually a deeply fulfilling relationship. And yet, the arena of sexuality and also relating is of important prominence for a nurturing love partnership or a happy marriage. Goddess Essence Online: Become a fully empowered womale – expand also your feminine fullness in 13 well-off experiential lessons making use of Tantra ethics. Open Your Third Eye: Find Out from Tantra Master and Mystic Ma Ananda Sarita as she unveils the substantial untapped potential obtainable to you via the awakening of your Third Eye. Vigyan Bhairav Tantra:A living transmission of Tantra from an ancient message giving 112 methods of meditation, covering 12 facets of life.


Master Lover Online

• Experiencing whatever with open up heart and also senses …• Immersing yourself in sensual delights and breathtaking orgasms …• Feeling magnificent power radiating from your eincredibly cell …Imagine being able to unleash this ecstatic energy and also transform it right into a spectacular, unstoppable force that shapes your life and also expands your consciousness!

Wherever you are at in life right currently, tright here are means of making this vision come true. Whether it is awakening the senses or chakras, rekindling passion in your connection, deepening your meditation, or finding self-love – there are Tantric devices and also techniques that sell a route to your deepest fulfillment and also awakening.

Sarita says “I use the word “awakening” for a very good reason – because all of this is currently within you. Deep inside, you are already this wild, ecstatic Soul that is hungry to discover the tricks of life. All you should collection yourself cost-free is dependable guidance, encouragement, and knowledgeable assistance.”

“The excellent news is you don’t require any previous suffer via Tantra. And if you perform have it — you’re in for a treat. You likewise don’t need to put a label on yourself, it doesn’t matter what your relationship condition, sex, or sex-related orientation is. It is my honor and also pleasure to be your Guide alengthy the method.”

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Goddess Essence Online

– Women’s training for the brand-new dawn

Sarita states “I have adopted my Inner Goddess via many years of Meditation, Tantra and Holistic Healing practices. I invite you to uncover the fullness of your very own inner potential, as lover, mommy / creator and wise woguy. You deserve to dance in celebration, be multi orgasmic, know love in daily life and live in awe of your very own beauty.” You deserve to be a fully empowered woman!Goddess Essence Online is a series of 4 online courses based on the Goddess Essence residential course. Each course stands alone and it is not necessary to follow the series in order – yet it is preferable.

The first course – “The Goddess Unveiled” is available currently and also the second course in the series “Women’s Erotic and Emotional Fulfillment” is due for release in December 2020- hopetotally prior to Christmas.

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1. The Goddess Unveiled Available Now

Vital indevelopment on feminine well-being, health and also beauty, experiential exercises of dance, massage, healing and also meditation. And a ritual for recreating your inner beauty script, awakening your inner and also outer Goddess in all of her splendour.

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Open Your Third Eye

– Secrets & Techniques for opening the Third Eye

The Ajna chakra, likewise recognized as the ‘Third Eye’ is a magnetic topic bereason it remains a mysterious potential, veiled over by centuries of misindevelopment and also fear. In reality, the Third Eye provides us our birthright of organic clairvoyance, changed claims of consciousness and bliss.

Learn from Tantra Master and Mystic Ma Ananda Sarita as she unveils the substantial untapped potential accessible to you via the awakening of your Third Eye.

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Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Online

Now you deserve to get a transmission of Tantra over the internet. With Sarita’s on-line course you accessibility video classes wbelow Sarita introduces the various facets of Tantra and provides guidance in a selection of tantric meditations, often through demos. You receive direct guidance and also a series of methods to incorporate right into your day-to-day life. You execute the practice in your very own time and have the right to ask questions and give feedback to Sarita by email. The endure is prouncovered and also students feel they receive a teaching much beyond the words or the imeras.

Here is a trailer for the series to whet your appetite:

It’s straightforward to get involved and there’s a complimentary Introductory class which you have the right to watch before you buy. In this, Sarita introduces the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra and also the 12 facets of Tantra and also discusses that this series is suitable for (basically everyone from the complete novice to the Tantra adept!).

N.B. The Online Vigyan Bhairav Tantra course is currently being updated. Please email online so we can let you know as soon as it is easily accessible for purchase again.

BenefitsIncrease sensitivity and also sensualityImprove love-making and relatingBecome more meditative in daily lifeFeel more alive and also have more energyHave fun and also watch the civilization with new eyesExperience greater claims of consciousnessIncrease your ability to loveConsciously produce your lifeHeal your relationshipsLive your artistic potentialMove beyond fearOpen your capacity for bliss