Online sound design course

Free Online Course (Audit) Certificate Available 3-4 hrs a week 2first Jul, 2014 28th Jan, 2013

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Sound hasalways been a significant part of huguy endure. It forms and transdevelops oureveryday people. Sounds and also music areembedded in almost eincredibly aspect of everyday life, from communication and artisticexpression to commerce, politics, and our social and also cultural identities.

This course will carry out a review of the basic principlesof sound and the factors that identify our audio perception. It will exploretechniques of recording, mixing, processing, synthesis, sampling, evaluation, andmodifying of digital audio utilizing easily spread audio production software application forboth PC and Mac. Students will certainly also learn an array of sound design and editing techniquesfor use in film and also web-based media, art installations, soundscape creations,or live and also internet music performances.



The Human EarThe Six Properties of SoundPitchLoudness and also AmplitudeTimbrePerceived DurationEnvelope and ArticulationSpatial Location, Diffusion, Reverberant EnvironmentTimbre and also the Overtone SeriesMusic and also the Human ConditionSOFTWARE Tutorial: Sonic VisualizerMusic and the EnvironmentWeek 2: MUSIC TECHNOLOGY - BASICS


MicrophonesMixer BasicsDigital Audio File FormatsMusical Instrument Digital Interconfront MIDIDigital Audio EffectsSOFTWARE Tutorial: Audacity Audio ProcessingWeek 3: MUSIC TECHNOLOGY - SYNTHESIS1. Synthesis: Oscillators Filters Envelope Generators Modulation with LFOs Amplitude Modulation Frequency Modulation Granular Synthesis Physical ModelingMIDTERM EXAMWeek 4: TUNING AND TEMPERAMENT / SOUNDATIONSoundation Web-based Digital Audio WorkstationSound Project Using SoundationTuning and also TemperamentWeek 5: DIGITAL AUDIO WORKSTATIONS

Logic Pro (Mac only)Avid ProToolsReaktorKymaHydrogenMammutWeek 6: CREATIVE STRATEGIESSonificationSound for Visual MediaAbleton LiveMaxPure DataSupercolliderMobile InteractionsFINAL EXAM