Online Physics Lab Course

Before you start any kind of regime in Physical Therapy, you’ll must complete a variety of courses dubbed prerequisites. The prerequisites for Physical Therapy institution incorporate Anatomy, Physiology, Physics, Chemisattempt, Biology, and also Psychology.

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When I decided to obtain right into physical treatment, I had currently completed about half of my prerequisites. I was a organization major in college, and still had to carry out Anatomy & Physiology and also Physics, and Biology 2. My goal wregarding complete these in one year…while working a full-time project. It’s complicated sufficient to fit in 20 credit hrs, specifically if you need those to be in the evening.

Fortunately for me, I was embraced right into a program in December, so I had actually a couple of weeks to ask the adobjectives team if an virtual physics course in January via July would certainly meet my prerequiwebsite demands. I send the course information to the school and also they said it would be approved, so I registered for my online physics course through lab!

Taking An Online Physics Course With Lab

I had taken a few online courses in undergrad and also assumed that it could be possible to take an virtual physics course for college crmodify too. After relooking for a few weeks, I discovered a really great choice at Ocean County College in New Jersey.

I understand it sounds a small crazy. But I called and also spoke via an adgoals representative around the course and also it sounded prefer it simply can occupational.

Quick note: Ocean did not ask me to create this. I discovered the college on my own and also hope that the online physics class will assist someone like it aided me!

Here’s How It Worked

Create an Account at Ocean County College
Register for Physics 1 via LabReceive confirmation and login informationPurchase textbook and also lab suppliesLog in day-to-day, comment, write-up assignment, complete quizComplete exams, and uppack labsFinish!

Ok that’s the simplified version, however it really wasn’t that challenging to carry out. Mind you, the Physics was tough, however the virtual class was simple to navigate.

The course was pretty a lot a self directed, self-research course favor you would certainly find through any distance learning regimen. You essential to read the actual message to teach yourself, however, the leskid plans aided you to understand what can be tested in the weekly quizzes. The 2 exams were equivalent in structure to the quizzes, (all online) which helped you to emphasis on the kinds of inquiries to understand also and deal with.

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How’d the Online Labs Work?

The Physics Lab contained an actual lab kit that had an assignment to go via it each week. Here’s what was had with the lab kit to provide you an idea of the topics extended in lab.


The labs were purchased via Hands on Learning, an digital lab course distributor based in Coloracarry out.

I’ll be frank – virtual physics through lab wasn’t simple. It required A LOT of reading and also teaching yourself. I used many Khan Academy videos on physics to supplement my finding out and also had the ability to end up Physics 1 and also 2 in the Spring and Summer semesters before starting at Washington University in St. Louis.

Now, I desire to reemphasize: contact your regimen before founding any type of digital prerequisite. Every regimen that I contacted sassist an online course from an acattributed college was simply fine. But I did my research and also presented all the information – which I recommend for everyone to execute.

Let’s Talk Dollars and also Cents…

Taking an virtual course wasn’t cheap. The physics course (8 credits) alone was over $2,000. I likewise had to take Biology (3 credits) which was about $1,100. My Anatomy and also Physiology course (likewise online, with lab) was about $2,500 – not cheap! (I’ll share exactly how I took Anatomy and Physiology virtual via lab in an additional post.)

Basically, I paid for the convenience to learn Physics on my own time, and to still occupational full time, which paid the bills as I all set to begin PT college.

I made it occur and also I recognize that you can if you put the work right into it.

Do you have actually any stories around finding a way to complete the classes you needed for PT school? Share them in the comments!