College or College Physics Lectures and also Labs

Mayville State College offers high high quality, affordable college and university physics lecture and lab courses entirely online. You may enroll as a non-level seeking student and also deliver these courses to another college or university, or you might enroll collaboratively as a student in the North Dakota University System. 

The benefits of taking online physics courses at Mayville State University:

Take your exams online with ProctorU (webvideo camera and microphone required);Our virtual lab courses use a hands-on interconfronted probeware, simulations, and information evaluation tools;The lab kit is accessible from the Mayville State University Bookstore, and when went back complete and also in great problem, is extremely affordable for the high top quality materials provided; Lab courses are offered one time each autumn and also spring semester (16 weeks each class); andAll virtual lecture and also lab Physics courses are obtainable each fall and spring term (16 weeks) and throughout the summer term (8 weeks). Special Keep in mind on physics lab sections: Lab tools requirements to be purchased from the MSU Bookstore, prior to the session begins. For virtual labs you need to purchase lab kits from the MSU booksave (currently roughly $610 for PHYS 211L/251L and also $660 for PHYS 212L/252L). Students returning physics lab kits to the bookkeep finish and also in excellent problem at the finish of the term will be refunded approximately $365 for a PHYS 211L or 251L kit and $395 for a PHYS 212L or 252L kit. The original price of the kit is the replacement cost if a kit is not sent earlier. You will not have the ability to discover the kit elsewhere and also the Physics I kit and also Physics II kits are different so one kit will not permit you to do all the labs in both courses.

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College Physics Syllabi

PHYS 211 College Physics I

PHYS 211L College Physics I Lab

PHYS 212 College Physics II

PHYS 212L College Physics II Lab

Students should have completed Math 103 College Algebra and Math 105 Trigonometry before enrolling in PHYS 211. Students must have already completed PHYS 211 before enrolling in PHYS 212. 

If you have actually further concerns, please contact Dr. Tom Gonnella.

College Physics Syllabi

PHYS 251 College Physics I

PHYS 251L College Physics I Lab

PHYS 252 College Physics II

PHYS 252L University Physics II Lab

Students must have actually completed Math 165 Calculus I or greater prior to enrolling in PHYS 251 or 252.

If you have even more concerns, please contact Dr. Tom Gonnella.

How to Apply for digital Physics courses

Application for our Summer and also Fall 2021 terms is open up now! Class registration runs April 6 via May 28 for Summer physics. Class registration runs April 6 via September 1 for Fall physics.

1) Any student wishing to take virtual Physics courses have to first use to Mayville State College. You will certainly need to finish an application to Mayville State and also pay the $35 application fee (whether you are applying as a non-level student or a student seeking a degree via us, please use these detailed application instructions).

2) Once you"ve applied, your admission request will certainly be processed. Please watch your email for interactions from Shay Rodriguez Thorsgard through the Office of Extended Learning. If tright here are any type of inquiries we have actually about your application, will will need you to respond as shortly as feasible. Once we are able to fully process your application, we will send you an adgoals notice by email. This notification will certainly let you know if you are admitted and also has indevelopment on the following measures you will certainly need to require to gain enrolled in classes.

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3) You will certainly get your student ID number in your notification of admission. The first point you will certainly should execute after you are admitted is to case your NDUS student account. To start the procedure, go to the NDUS Claim Page. Please refer to these Student Account Claim instructions as needed. If you have any type of difficulties throughout this process, call the NDUS Assistance Desk by phone at 1.866.457.6387 (toll-totally free in the US and Canada) or email the NDUS Aid Desk.

4) After your account is declared, you will certainly then have the ability to log in to Campus Connection to submit the Financial Obligation Agreement electronically.

5) You are prepared to register! You can self-register by complying with these enrollment instructions after claiming your NDUS account and signing the Financial Obligation Commitment. Please closely take into consideration recommended course backgrounds as soon as enrolling. 

Non-level seeking students are students not completing an entire degree routine from Mayville State College. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible to receive federal financial help from Mayville State College. Students external of North Dakota interested in digital regime from Mayville State University have to evaluation the State Authorization webweb page to determine programs accessible in your state.

Please feel cost-free to contact the Office of Extfinished Learning whenever before you need assistance or have inquiries via anything related to your online learning and success. We are below to aid in any type of means we can!


Tuition and Fees

For the 2020-2021 scholastic year, tuition and fees for distance and also online courses is $314.65/semester hour credit. This tuition and fee rate is the same for in-state and out-of-state students. Books and also materials are additional, and indevelopment can be found at the MSU Booksave.

Complete tuition and fee information is obtainable at the MSU Business Office webwebsite.

For more indevelopment, contact:

Extfinished LearningMayville State UniversityKey Building 104330 Third Street NEMayville, ND 58257