Online Pharmacology Course For Nurses


Pharmacotherapeutics for Remote Area Nurses is obtainable in the complying with two distribution options:

Who must attend

Remote Area Nurses (RANs) or Registered Nurses who job-related in or are planning to job-related in remote and isolated practice.

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About the CourseNurses are recognised as creating the backbone of main health and wellness treatment in remote locations offering a quickly prospering volume of solutions, specifically in relation to chronic illness management.RANs practise at an progressed level regularly with limited or remote medical assistance and are forced to possess a vast knowledge base in relation to disease monitoring, including the management, monitoring, supply and storage of drugs. Dealing via drugs is a tricky and also complex exercise.The phamacotherapeutics course will certainly assist participants to develop knowledge and also abilities in the usage of medicines, the threats linked through them, and strategies to rise the benefits and minimise the dangers of treatments. It is based on the principles of Quality Use of Medicines and collaborative exercise. The course will take the participant on a journey from legislation, remote context and also principles of excellent prescribing practice, to pharmacological ethics of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics right into the useful use of drugs in the management of clinical problems.The course covers conditions, both chronic and acute, that are common to remote practice and obstacles participants to think past the basic scope of nursing. A handy technique to condition administration is promoted, underpinned by principles of drug treatment, such as adverse reactions, drug interactions, pharmacology, medication adherence and also experienced and also legislative worries.Learning OutcomesAt the finish of this course participants will certainly be able to:

Apply knowledge of state and region law and also health and wellness company plans governing the possession, administration and supply of medications in remote and isolated areasSelect, supply and provide correct medication under booked treatment protocols integrating comprehensive assessment and also ideal exercise guidelinesApply clinical reasoning abilities to recognize determinants that impact on picking, monitoring and individualising treatmentDescribe the principles of pharmacology; pharmacokinetics and also pharmacodynamics, and just how these values relate to the treatment of individual patientsAccess up-to-day evidence, ideal practice guidelines and recommfinished proof based referral product for drug therapiesEngage in effective communication in a culturally respectful manner, with patients, carers and other health and wellness service providers, to encertain optimum health outcomesImplement tactics that maximise treatment adherence and also therapeutic relationships

Online Course

Participants might enrol in the Pharmacotherapeutics virtual course at any kind of time.The course comprises 8 modules and also is designed to be completed over a 9 week period.You are offered via accessibility for 3 months from date of registration, to finish all components.Associated with the virtual modules are activities to administer helpful application of medication management principles and ethics, consisting of clinical scenarios, individual reflection, virtual tutorials, and multiple alternative quizzes. Recommfinished sources, recommendations and also clinical guidelines will certainly be described throughout the modules and also weblinks to these will be made available.Tbelow is no requirement to purchase any kind of message for Pharmacotherapeutics for Remote Area Nurses

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Registration Process

Register for Pharmacotherapeutics for Remote Area Nuarses via the Flinders University payment portal utilizing the Proceed to Registration attach below.Following registration you will receive an introductory email through your login details.

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Enrolment enquiries:This email address is being protected from spambots. You require JavaScript permitted to view it.


Two-Day Workshop

The face-to-confront workshop comprises a two-day intensive workshop complied with by completion of written assessments.Guest presenters, consisting of proficient RANs, specialist clinical doctors and also specialist pharmacologists, administer up-to-day understanding, expert opinion and also practical options to challenges that patients and RANs may challenge in the remote setting.

This challenge to face workshop is presently postponed until additionally notification in response to COVID-19

FacilitatorToprejudice Speare EnquiriesThis email address is being defended from spambots. You require JavaScript enabled to see it.