GEORGE UNIVERSITY COMMUNICATION 361-001 / ONLINE JOURNALISM SPRING SEMESTER 2009 INNOVATION HALL, room 336 (Tuesday and Thursday, 3-4:15 p.m.); video conferences take location in room 455 (the video studio) INSTRUCTOR: Steve Klein, Coordinator, Journalism concentration and Electronic Journalism minor ASSISTANT: Isaac Pacheco

ESSENTIALS: This course meets Tuesday and Thursday (via the exemption of Spring Break March 9-15) over a complete of 16 weeks and also 28 sessions beginning

Thursday Jan. 22 and concluding Tuesday May 5 from 3 to 4:15 p.m. in 336 Innovation Hall. The last day to drop this course through no tuition licapability is Feb. 3. The last day to drop this course (through complete tuition liability) is Feb. 20 (for more information, see the Spring 2009 Academic Schedule. There is no final exam; you are, but, responsible for a multimedia story/project that is due April 23.

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NOTE: Please let me know if you spot a typo or error in this syllabus. Yes, its true: Even instructors/professors make mistakes! AND, it mirrors me that you"re reading and also checking your syllabus!

OUR CONTRACT: This syllabus represents an agreement (or contract) in between the student and the instructor. By continuing to be enrolled in this course, each student is accepting the policies and guidelines extended in this syllabus.

THE FIRST CLASS: We will certainly firm up the class list on the first Thursday meeting Jan. 22, so it is critical that you not miss out on the initially course (or call me before it meets). This class is totally enrolled; if you carry out not present up or call the instructor, you hazard being dropped for a waitdetailed student. According to Communication Department policy: "Students who do not confirm their registration by attendance at the initially class meeting are topic to being dropped at the discretion of the department."

A previous Comm361-001 course interacts in the video studio with 1996 Republihave the right to presidential candidate Sen. Bob Dole. (Photo by Wayne Lin)

CLASS WEBSITES: You deserve to check out last year"s course websites to acquire a sense of previous students" occupational.

SPEAKERS: Students are invited to attend guest lectures from my various other classes as classroom size allows. Please call me in advance if you"d prefer to attfinish.

INSTRUCTOR: Steve Klein TAP ASSISTANT: Isaac Pacheco HOW TO CONTACT MR. KLEIN: Net page: Office hours: I have open office hours for the Spring Semester in my 219-B Thompchild Hall office on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to around 1 p.m.; Monday and Wednesday from 9:30 to about 11:45 a.m.; and by appointment. I upday transforms to my office hours and place weekly on my office door.

THIS CLASS encounters online journalism: creating for the Internet; developing and preserving a website on the Maboy server making use of Dreamweaver and/or other webpage-development programs; creating and preserving a weblog (an virtual diary or journal covering a details interemainder making use of Blogger or other blog production tools); reporting and writing for the virtual medium; creating RSS feeds; podcasting; and completing a multimedia story/project based on your reporting.

PRESS CONFERENCE SPEAKERS: Throughout the semester, you will certainly have actually a unique opportunity to participate in two-way televised, push conference-style classes in conjunction via C-SPAN. Steve Scully, a senior executive producer and political editor at C-SPAN, that teaches and also coordinates a distance learning course ("Congress, the Presidency & 21st Century Media") through the participation of classes from the College of Denver, Pace University and George Makid. Using the telecourse infrastructure in 455 Innovation Hall (and an overcirculation hookup in our 336 Innovation Hall classroom), students will certainly get involved in a number of programs this semester. Utilizing the online creating approaches you will certainly learn in class, students will certainly report, write and short article stories on their websites.


Adequate key-board skills and knowledge of file management. Familiarity through the Net and webpage production software program. All coursework will certainly be component of the website you will certainly develop in this class on the Machild server.


Comm361/Online Journalism prepares you to incorporate the many kind of things you"ve currently learned around journalism into a world in which everyone is a

publisher. You"ll develop stories in means that were never feasible prior to the Web. And you"ll execute it through all the style, creativity, energy and also accuracy you put into everything else you carry out at George University. To practice what we learn, your class-related work will certainly be completed online.

Reading assignments, lecture and also computer lab topics, and in-course assignments may vary based upon the week"s news. Topics and assignments will certainly be updated on the virtual schedule, which you must inspect frequently.


Become the type of web-initially journalist who reports, writes, edits and publishes on the Internet. Learn exactly how digital journalism applies to your career direction, and also how an expanded skillcollection can assist you to gain a far better job in and out of journalism. Learn to existing multimedia stories in interesting brand-new methods while keeping typical journalism criteria of fairness, accuracy and also top quality. Become even more comfortable via the software application supplied to tell stories digital.


Don"t miss class. Tbelow are just 28 of them!

REQUIRED TEXT (please lug to eexceptionally class):

SUPPLIES: Please bring a flash/jump drive or some type of portable meia to every course to conserve your job-related. Our classroom computers are purged nightly.

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Reading: You will be responsible for reading a number of short articles digital every week. Many will be connected off the course schedule page; others will be accessible in Townhall or by e-mail. You"ll compose a short (about one screen) analysis of 5 short articles of your choice and uppack them virtual by posting them on your webwebsite by specifically booked days. You will certainly be graded on just how well you current the indevelopment, analyze what you"ve check out, and relate it to this course using AP style, appropriate grammar and also punctuation, and also web composing techniques.

Weblog: You deserve to select a pre-approved subject and also and comment on it throughout the semester. Your observations will often be our starting point for course discussions. You will track your observations on your weblog (I indicate utilizing Blogger or WordPress) obtainable from your personal webwebsite. You are responsible for a minimum of two entries a week (beginning no latter than by the end of the second week of the semester), although you are encouraged to make entries more typically (which will be taken right into account for extra credit).

Video conference stories: Throughout the semester, you will attend video conferences in 455 Innovation Hall as component of our teamwork through C-SPAN, the College of Denver and also Pace College in New York City. You will compose and upfill a short story on each, demonstrating your command of web-creating approach, AP style and also proper grammar, punctuation and composing style.

Final multimedia story/project: This will certainly be a multiple-media presentation that combines what you"ve learned in and out of course this semester. You"ll pick a story (approved by the instructor) to cover, and you"ll gather all the elements -- photos, video, audio, information -- needed to perform a great task of telling that story digital. This in-class (between April 23 and also May 5) presentation will be linked off your personal webwebsite.


The final grade for this course will certainly be based upon the high quality of your work and your capacity to fulfill deadlines. You"ll be evaluated on each assignment. At the end of the semester, these assignments will be provided these weights:

Assignments Total Points
Home analysis assignment story uploads (4
10 point each)
100 (125 w/EC)

Personal Web site (navigation and consistency) and weblog (based upon continual entries)

150 (190 w/EC) 100 (110 w/EC)

Video conference or in-course speaker stories (minimum of 6) (50 points each)

Final project: First draft due Tuesday April 15 50
Final project: Final version due Tuesday April 22 150

Your classroom ethic: Regular attendance, timeliness, participation and also attentiveness are supposed. Regular progression (deadline benchmarks will be indicated) on your assignments, specifically your webwebsite and weblog, is vital. Classes will start and finish on time.

Deadlines: Adherence to deadlines plays an essential function in this course and in journalism in general. Journalists fulfill deadlines; their project is on the line if they do not. Deadlines collection for assignments for this course are final; those turned in late without an excused reason will certainly not be accepted.

Communication: The ideal way to reach the instructor is by e-mail. Please encompass the course number and the topic of the particular e-mail in the SUBJECT line.

You should e-mail or contact the instructor if you miss out on class because of condition or emergency. I consider this interaction component of your course participation. In-class assignments cannot be comprised unmuch less pre-arranged. If you think course may be cancelled because of inclement weather, watch TV. listen to the radio, or speak to 703-993-1000.

GRADING CRITERIA: utilizes a nine-point +/- grading scale. The Department of Communication has actually embraced the complying with scale for core and also fundamental courses, which will be supplied to asauthorize final qualities in COMM 361:

A+: 97 to 100 (superior job-related of publishable quality). A: 93 to 96. A-: 90 to 92. B+: 87 to 89. B: 83 to 86 (publishable via editing and enhancing and minor changes). B-: 80 to 82. C+: 77 to 79. C: 73 to 76 (publishable only through major changes). C-: 70 to 72. D: 60 to 69 (unpublishable because of basic problems). F: 59 or less (unacceptable; lack of basic abilities, or job-related not submitted). JOURNALISM AND ACADEMIC ETHICS:

Honesty is a provided for those that communicate in journalism. When you violate the trust of your readers or audience, you lose your most vital commodity: your credibility. You should familiarize yourself through George Maboy University"s "Honor System and Code". With regard to this course, acts of dishonesty encompass, however are not necessarily restricted to, cheating on examinations, plagiarizing material from other sources, consisting of material or sources of information, and/or submitting job-related for this course initially completed for various other courses without instructors permission. The penalty for academic dishonesty is failure of the course -- and you will certainly be reported to the Honor Committee. Plagiarism implies using the exact words, opinions or factual indevelopment from an additional perchild without providing that perchild crmodify. Plagiarism is the tantamount of intellectual robbery and also cannot be tolerated in an academic or journalistic setting.


In all discussions and assignments, this course emphasizes the importance of avoiding identifications and also descriptions that serve to perpetuate stereoforms around gender, age, dialect, discapability, nationwide beginning, race, spiritual affiliation and also sex-related choice. It is meant that discussions will certainly be open and also hocolony, however abusive language or actions will not be tolerated.

No food will be permitted in the classroom, nor will certainly smoking cigarettes be tolerated.

Usual courtesy need to always prevail.

Your consistent attendance in this class will have an excellent affect on your final grade. Your in-course participation is instrumental (in various other words, you desire me to know your name as beforehand in the semester as possible!). I will certainly develop a seating chart because there"s a finding out curve (for me) to remember your names.

The only acceptable excuse for missing course is illness, significant household emergency, or a significant spiritual holiday. For an excprovided absence, you have to bring a note from a medical professional (or medical professional) or parent (in the situation of a family members emergency). Any application for an excsupplied lack have to be submitted in writing via a copy for my documents.

Missing class without an approved created excuse will certainly suppose a failing grade for any type of in-course work-related and also participation for that class. If the variety of missed classes add up, you will uncover that you are failing that percent of the course. Equally necessary, it will strongly impact your last grade in various other ways: absent vital indevelopment that effects your ability to effectively finish assignments.

If you are sick or can not attfinish class for whatever factor (and also I have actually heard them all by now), I suppose an e-mail explaining the absense (just as you would execute for an employer). I consider this component of your course participation. This policy stays in force from the initially course to the last.

Classes will certainly start on time; it is rude to your fellow students and also instructor to be late and expenses them classtime if I have to repeat material for your advantage.

Be mindful of website traffic and parking patterns in and about campus, particularly the first week of the semester.

It is the policy of George Machild University and also this instructor to make eextremely reasonable initiative to allow members of our varied university community to observe their spiritual holidays without scholastic penalty. However before, it your responsibility to carry out me via development created notice of the days of any major spiritual holidays on which you will be absent (the earlier notice the much better please).

I have office hours and also encourage you to usage them -- as well as making mutually convenient appointments as essential. Students that proactively visit via their professors prior to a case becomes a difficulty tend to stop problems and also carry out better in class. Conversations around grades or individual problems are finest dealt with in my office during office hours.

This university and this instructor are committed to providing an equitable learning atmosphere for eextremely student. I will readily readjust for those students via special needs. If you have actually special needs in the classroom, please carry out a letter from Discapability Support Services confirming and describing your special needs at the begin of the semester. You might have actually Disability Support Services call me directly. This information will certainly be preserved in confidence.

Finally, you will find that I"m exceptionally responsive to e-mail. However, it is crucial that you include Comm361-001 and also an applicable title or headline in the SUBJECT line or your note might go unanwered (or end up in my SPAM folder).


The Associated Press Stylebook uses for spelling, accuracy, style, attribution, and so on Don"t obtain so captured up in the presentation that you shed sight of solid, precise, credible journalism. Attend course. Only in too much scenarios should you repursuit permission from your instructor to miss out on course. Tright here are only 28 of them. You alone are responsible for saving your occupational and also moving records. We"ll teach you just how to do it if you don"t already know, but after that, you"re on your very own (via assist always obtainable from our TAP assistant and also from the STAR lab in Johnkid Center 229 and 311). You should lug your documents to eextremely course on some form of portable media.