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Improve patient security criteria in your organization by upgrading clinical skills in vascular access, treatment and maintenance, from a certified skilled and also nurse educator.

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Class Fall 2017 posing for graduation pictureDid you know that catheter-related blood stream infection is one of the a lot of widespread causes of nosocomial infection - among the most constant, costly and lethal infections? (Gahlot R., et al. 2014)

The usage of vascular access tools (VADs) is a common and also important part of clinical exercise. Approximately 90% percent of all patients call for some develop of IV and infusion treatment in the time of their health care experience. Peripheral IVs are among the a lot of prevalent, invasive, and technologically challenging steps, yet minimal-to-no formal education or training avenues are easily accessible to build these abilities. As a result, there are wide discrepancies and also inconsistencies in exercise that can cause patient complications, malpractice, and also also deaths.

The Certificate in IV and also Infusion Therapy will administer evidence-based education in vascular accessibility and set requirements for infusion therapy and patient security, via a focus on high-threat settings such as home treatment, clinics and also long-term care. The routine is geared towards working health specialists who provide or regulate VADs and also infusion treatment for organizations, and for those preparing for a vascular access or infusion certification exam.

The regime will be yielded in a hybrid format (online and also in-person) which contains 4 live webcasts in the evening and also a abilities laboratory workshop over one weekfinish. Participants will have the opportunity to practice their IV insertion, venipuncture, and infection manage methods first hand also in the skills laboratory.

How You Will Benefit:

What You Will Learn:

Apply understanding of anatomy and also physiology to vascular accessibility and also infusion therapy.Examine the legal and top quality assurance aspects pertained to infusion therapy methods to align via moral and expert practice.Exsimple values of aseptic strategy specific to vascular access insertion and maintenance.Demonstprice understanding of pharmacy-therapeutics particular to infusion therapy in alternative treatment settings.Exhilittle bit psychomotor crucial reasoning skills crucial for efficient nursing management for patients receiving infusion treatment and total parenteral nutrition.Describe assessment and considerations for vascular access device selection. Identify the categories of devices easily accessible for vascular access.

Who Should Take This Program:

Clinicians consisting of RNs, RPNs, Physician Assistants, and also other health and wellness specialists functioning in residence treatment, long term care, and also acute care that provides vascular accessibility and infusion treatment.Internationally educated registered nurses (IENs) who want to be familiar with Canadian exercise and measures.Medical researchers, phlebotomists, paramedics, pharmacists, and doctors-in-training.

Group discounts are also available for organizations looking to implement evidence-based finest practices, and also boost their patient safety requirements across their organization.

Class Fall 2017 observing demonstrationClinicians percreating vascular accessibility and also infusion treatment steps need specific knowledge to properly insert and maintain vascular access gadgets.

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This Certificate in IV and also Infusion Therapy will emphasis on abilities development, ideal exercise implementation, safety and security, documentation, accountcapability, and also communication. The routine is indeveloped by the finest easily accessible evidence, provincial and federal regulated exercise acts, infusion treatment criteria of exercise, finest practice guidelines, More secure Healthtreatment Now and also CDC referrals for catheter associated blood stream infection avoidance.

You will certainly take an included method to peripheral vascular accessibility tool insertion, treatment and also maintenance of central vascular accessibility devices (CVADs), pharmacy therapeutics and medication management, consisting of knowledge of the forms of fluids and medications offered and side results, patient assessment criteria, prevention and management of complications, as well as ethics of safe, moral and also skilled care.


This routine will be yielded in a convenient format of 2-hour evening live webcasts sessions yielded over four consecutive weeks, adhered to by online and also in-perkid abilities lab training sessions.

Live Webcasts (8 hours total)

Session 1: Review (2 hours)

Setting the stage, looking at existing standards of practiceVascular system anatomy & physiologyFluid Management: fluid balance, electrolytes, nutritional services, osmolarity, pH

Session 2: Vascular Access Protocols (2 hours)

Fluid Management: infusion therapyLegal Aspects Related to I.V. TherapyVascular accessibility devices

Session 3: Care and Maintenance (2 hours)

Infection regulate criteria (P and C bundles)Methods of correct vein assessmentTechniques for PVADVERTISEMENT successEmerging modern technologies (Ultrasound)

Session 4: Pain Management (2 hours)

Care and also maintenance CVADsPotential complications and recommended interventionsElectronic infusion devices--overviewApplied Skills Lab - one Online session and also one In-Human session (Time TBD- registrants will certainly be contacted)Hands on exercise making use of anatomical models, vascular accessibility devices, infusion pumps, infusion therapy devices, technology and also suppliesTips for successful vein access and also catheter insertionIdentification of the primary peripheral veins available for the insertion of a peripheral IV catheterPerforming IVs, practice for main lines, understand also midlines vs CVADsVenipuncture methods, infection control techniquesManagement of difficult insertions

Karen Laforet - RN, MClSc, VA-BC™, CVAA (C)

Director of Clinical Services & Privacy Officer

Karen Laforet is a Registered Nurse via a well-off and diverse work background working in US, Germany kind of and also Canada. She is a nurse leader with over 30 years of healthcare endure in critical care, community treatment, sector and academia in US, Germany kind of and Canada. She is presently the Director Clinical Services for Calea Homecare—a business provider for pharmacy & nursing in the Greater Toronto Area. She has prrange skills in management, team structure, clinical training and also invention, organization advancement, marketing, and also healthcare administration.

Karen is presently a Board Member for the Canadian Vascular Access Association (CVAA), member of CVAA’s finest practice reminder breakthrough team, a committee member for College of Nurses of Ontario, member of International Guideline Growth Group for Wound Infection, member of Wounds Canada Policy & Advocacy Committee, and also current Past President of the Ontario Wound Care Interemainder Group (OntWIG). She is past president and founding Board for the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses, previous board member of the Internationwide Association for Vascular Access, and also member of RNAO Best Practice Guideline advancement team. She sits on the editorial evaluation board for Infusion Nurse’s Society Journal, Diabetic Foot Canada Journal, Journal of Vascular Access.

At the finish of the regime, you will earn a certificate of completion.

Certificates are issued on completion of all mandatory requirements ( please make certain to evaluation every one of them) approximately two weeks after the regimen.

Please note in order to obtain a certificate of completion you need to have actually attended the routine dates and/or attain the discovering goals of your program as determined by the instructor. For more fairtradeexpo.orgrmation please review our Program Policies & Disclaimer.