The Infant/Toddler Certificate is designed to be the first step toward obtaining entry-level employment specializing in infant/toddler care. Students will certainly be prepared to job-related via infants/toddlers (0-36 months) enabling the student to aid a teacher in a public infant/toddler routine or teach infants/toddlers in a private kid care setting. The Infant/Toddler Certificate needs 25 CD units, which consists of 4 units of CD Practicum/Field Work endure with infants/toddlers.

Required Courses: Units
CD105 Child Growth and Advancement 3
CD105H Child Growth and Development-Honors 3
CD111 Observation and also Assessment in Child Development 3
CD126 Child, Family, and the Community 3
CD127 Guidance of Children 3
CD185 Infant/Toddler Growth and also Development 3
CD186 Infant and Toddler Curriculum 3
CD244 Children with Special Needs 3
Experience Working through Children from Ages Birth-24 Months: Units
CD205 Child Growth Practicum / Field Experience 4
CD210 Infant and Toddler Practicum 4
Total Units 25
PID 448
This is a Gainful Employment Program

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On-time Completion Rates and also Estimated Cost of Program

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