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Watchmaking can be a financially rewarding career or an amazing hobby. No issue what your intentions are we invite you to explore the world of watchmaking.

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Our mission is Supporting and Advancing Horology with Education and Cooperation. All of our classes are designed with the greatest standards of horological repair in mind. Whether this is your initially course or your hundredth, we hope you will learn skills and also methods to improve your expertise and also taking care of of timepieces.

Our distance finding out courses are on-line, hand-operated classes in horology. They require focus, self-control, and preparation, and also are not a substitute for in-perboy learning yet can aid fuel your passion for horology.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in horology, we invite you to learn even more at the following pages:

Careers in Watchmaking Research & Education Council Schools

Explore Watchmaking - Level I

Basic Assembly

In our Level 1 Watch Exploration remote workshop we assist you disassemble and reassemble the gear train of a hand-wound mechanical watch without having actually to leave the comfort of your own home. You will certainly learn the names of the standard components, their feature, and also exactly how all of the components connect.

The remote workshop is taught by among"s certified watchdevices making use of the GoToMeeting platform. We administer the majority of of the tools and also products and overview you with the procedure of establishing a short-term workshop in your home. Once you receive the classroom kit, you will sign up with a live digital classroom with no more than 5 various other participants and will be able to ask concerns. 

We desire everyone to succeed in disassembling and reassembling the watch movement, however we can not reach via the computer system display screen to assist you out. We have changed our in-perkid curriculum to give the ideal suffer and also the highest possible likelihood of success and we guarantee you will certainly leave via a better understanding of mechanical timepieces.

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Technology Requirements

In order to take part in a distance discovering class you will need a tablet or computer via internet access, a webvideo camera, and a microphone located near your workarea.

The remote finding out Explore Watchmaking was an remarkable endure. The course size was restricted to five students so the instructors were able to follow each student incredibly very closely. The class was exceptionally well believed out and also was tailored for students with zero endure, yet moved at an acceptable pace for students through some suffer choose myself. The class covers the disassembly and assembly process in good detail, focusing on exactly how the parts interact via each various other. Tbelow is no substitute to having actually someone knowledgeable walk via the assembly procedure and answer inquiries alengthy the method.

Ricci H. - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

This class is perfect for the perkid that does not have the time or the ability to travel for a course, we all have jobs and family"s, to endure what its prefer to be a watchmaker. Its an exceptional class wright here you can interact via real watchdevices that overview you and also through what it takes to service a watch motion in genuine time. The ideal component is that you deserve to do it all without leaving residence, and also in a time frame that anyone have the right to fit right into their life. If you ever wanted to understand what it"s choose to be a watchmaker, take this course! You wont be disappointed.

Mike L. - Bedford, New Hampshire

All in all, well worth my time. The 4 hours flew by! I look forward to more digital courses and also, if I deserve to, to involved your facilities in perboy for even more workshops. Ideally, I desire to proceed my education and learning to a allude where I deserve to be a reasonable great watchmaker at leastern as a hobby. We’re off to a great start!

James M. - New York

In order to finish this class you will require at leastern the adhering to tools:

1.60mm Screwdriver2.50mm ScrewdriverBrass TweezersWatchmaker"s Pick (Plexi-Stick)4X Magnification Loupe & Loupe Wire16 1/2 Ligne Movement HolderParts Storage Container through at leastern 10 compartments

The Toolkit also consists of the complying with tools:

Bergeon 1282 Leather Buff StickBergeon 6767 Spring Bar ToolBergeon 7026-00 Tweezers2.00mm Screwdriver1.20mm Screwdriver1.00mm ScrewdriverSpare Screwdriver BladesBergeon 2819-MINI JAXA Case Opening WrenchBergeon 7403 Case KnifeBergeon 5394-P Casing CushionBergeon 7982-60 Case ProtectionMicrofiber Cloth

You will also require an elevated job-related surface. See our setup guide for suggestions.