Online fluid mechanics course

Fluid Mechanics is an exciting course that have the right to be an obstacle for engineering students. This online class will break whatever dvery own for you action by step so that principles like Reynolds Transport Theorem, continuity, and also buoyancy actually make sense

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What you get with Fluid Mechanics Online…

Over 17.5 hours of on-demand, simple to understand online Fluid Mechanics lecture videosDownloadable outline of notes to aid you follow along with me during the class40 fully-operated examples in a variety of obstacle levels to show you exactly how to use the theory59 homework problems through services to enhance learningCertificate of Completion when you complete the classA University-traditional curriculum so the material below matches the material you learn on campusAn knowledgeable instructor via 17+ years of university teaching suffer and also 8 years of sector experienceEmail access to the instructor if you require help on course content30-day money earlier guarantee
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What You’ll Discover in Fluid Mechanics Online…


8 Videos (1.5+hours), 5 Instances, 1 Homework-related Set

Units & Dimensional HomogeneityProperties of FluidsIdeal Gas LawViscosityVapor Pressure


20 Videos (4.5+ hours), 17 Examples, 5 Homeoccupational Sets

Gage & Absolute PressureBarometers & ManometersHydrostatic Forces on Plane SurfacesHydrostatic Forces on Curved SurfacesBuoyancy

Control Volumes

14 Videos (3.5+ hours), 7 Examples, 3 Homejob-related Sets

Reynolds Transport TheoremConservation of MassLinear Momentum EquationBernoulli’s EquationStagnation, Static, & Dynamic Pressure

Differential Relations for Fluid Flow

21 Videos (5+ hours), 15 Examples, 4 Homeoccupational Sets

Lagrangian & Eulerian DescriptionsVelocity & Acceleration FieldsContinuitySteady & Incompressible FlowNavier StokesStream FunctionVorticityVelocity Potential

Dimensional Analysis

5 Videos (1.5+ hours), 2 Instances, 1 Homework-related Set

Dimensional AnalysisBuckingham Pi Theorem

Reynolds Number

1 Video (15 min), 1 Example, 1 Homejob-related Set