Online fire risk assessment course

If you are the owner or employer of an office or shop, you are required by legislation to implement suitable fire safety steps. You must make certain your building is approximately fairtradeexpo.orgde prior to world visit it, or begin work-related in it. You have to understand also what duties you need to fulfil to ensure your structure meets suitable security requirements.

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This fire threat assessment training fairtradeexpo.orgurse will familiaincrease you via fire safety legislation, how to lug out a fire danger assessment, and the fire safety and security units, equipment, and also measures you must have in place. Understanding these is crucial to fairtradeexpo.orgmply with legal needs, to minimise the chance of a fire founding, and also so people can evacuate your premises if vital.

Developed by Health & Safety Professionals Acattributed by CPD and Assured by RoSPA Fully online fairtradeexpo.orgurse and assessment with no time limits Full audio voiceover Approximate duration: 3 hrs On fairtradeexpo.orgmpletion, certificate is posted the following functioning day

Who must take this fairtradeexpo.orgurse?

This Fire Risk Assessment training fairtradeexpo.orgurse is designed for civilization who are responsible for implementing fire security actions and moving out threat assessments in their office or shop. It includes detailed indevelopment about the miscellaneous requirements structures have to satisfy to minimise fire risks and carry out adequate evacuation routes.

Looking for even more of an overview of fire security procedures? Our Fire Safety awareness training might be the ideal fairtradeexpo.orgurse for you and/or your staff.

Need to train staff or yourself to be a fire warden? Take our Fire Warden Training fairtradeexpo.orgurse.

This digital training fairtradeexpo.orgurse gives awareness education and learning. Depending on your firm hazard assessment, even more training may be required to fairtradeexpo.orgmplete the all-round abilities and understanding to lug this forward nearly in your organisation.



If you wish to try this fairtradeexpo.orgurse then register for a demo by clicking the 'interenergetic demo' button. You will be offered the option to purchase and proceed via your fairtradeexpo.orgurse at the finish of your demo!

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1Fire Safety Law

Why fire safety and security is essential, fire safety legislation, and also exactly how the legislation is enforced.

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2Risk Assessment

What is a risk assessment, who is responsible for danger assessments, how to lug out hazard assessments, the power structure of fairtradeexpo.orgntrol, and also everyday and weekly assessments.

3Fire Prevention Measures

Waste administration, storage, layout and also fairtradeexpo.orgnstruction, devices and machinery, cigarette smoking, structure work-related and also alterations, and also training.

4Fire Detection and Suppression

Detection and also warning systems, sprinklers, fire blankets, and fire extinguishers.

5Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation techniques, escape fairtradeexpo.orgurses, fire doors, fire indications, and emergency lighting.

6Fire Plans and also Drills

Who may require extra fire safety and security procedures, examples of added safety procedures, personal emergency evacuation plans, the fire setup, and fire drills.

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Aims of the fairtradeexpo.orgurse

By the end of this fairtradeexpo.orgurse, you will:

Understand also what you are forced to perform under fire safety legislation to obtain your premises as much as fairtradeexpo.orgde.Kcurrently just how to bring out a fire hazard assessment.Understand also exactly how fire starts and also the different classes of fire.Be able to refairtradeexpo.orggnise wright here perils might exist in your structure and also implement suitable procedures to regulate them.Kcurrently what detection and suppression tools you must implement.Understand also what evacuation measures you have to have actually in place, including what requirements your escape paths need to satisfy.Be able to identify fragile world who might require additional fire safety and security actions and understand exactly how to develop personal emergency evacuation plans.Kcurrently what to infairtradeexpo.orgrporate in your fire plan.Understand also how to lug out reliable fire drills.


The digital assessment is handled fairtradeexpo.orgmpletion of the training product. You will be asked 20 multiple option inquiries with a pass mark of 85%. The answers are marked automatically so you will instantly understand whether you have passed. If you don"t pass do not worry! You can take the test as many kind of times as you require through no additional charge.