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What is fear of flying? More than physical safety, it is additionally emotional safety. Fear, panic, and also claustrophobia have the right to build once not in control. SOAR stops these feelings immediately.

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As both a licensed therapist and airline captain, I"ve specialized in the treatment of fear of flying for thirty years, and arisen methods that are far even more efficient in treating fear of flying than those uncovered everywhere else.

It has been years since I"ve worked with an anxious or also terrified flier I might not help. I"m certain I have the right to aid you overcome your are afraid of flying, as well.


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Accelerated fear of flying courses are best if you are flying quickly or for much less severe are afraid of flying.


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Our complete are afraid of flying programs are accessible in sepaprice components as well as a guaranteed are afraid of flying course with 2 counseling sessions.

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What our clients say

Placed me dvery own as another SOAR graduate. Words just cannot expush what this has actually done for my life." J.W.

The positive outcomes spilled over right into various other fear/areas of my life that had nopoint to do

via flying...

There"s really nothing else for me to say except a most sincere and also heartfelt THANK YOU! Cathy

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The SOAR Guaranteed Fear of Flying Program consists of all 11 DVDs and 2 hrs of counseling for fear of flying through SOAR founder and also licensed therapist Captain Tom Bunn LCSW.

After completing the 11 SOAR are afraid of flying DVDs and the counseling, if you are not satisfied via the development once you fly, you will get a complete refund.

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Biggest Fear

Thank you, Captain Tom for helping me confront my biggest fear.

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Fear of being sucked out plane

It"s such a small price to pay for the tranquility of mind, and to have the ability to take a trip and reap life...

Make up years of shed time

I feel prefer I need to consist of for all those years of "lost" time! Namong this would certainly have actually been feasible without the SOAR regimen. I no much longer have that stress and anxiety....

Possible to fly without fear

It is feasible to fly without fear, and I had actually not thought I would certainly have the ability to do this after 35 years...


Browse hundreds of messages posted on our are afraid of flying forum by people managing anypoint from mild trip stress and anxiety to severe fear of flying. We invite you to leave messages as you begin to conquer your fear of flying.

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We hold a live are afraid of flying chat eincredibly Weds at 9pm EST. hosted by Lisa and also Captain Tom


Fear Of Flying Courses - Historical Perspective

Fear of flying courses originated at Pan Am and USAir in 1975. The indevelopment on aviation was excellent. But, the methods to control feelings did not work-related. At the finish of the course, those that flew as a team, accompanied by a constantly reassuring pilot, were counted in the course’s “success rate” even if they skilled panic. Later, when trying to fly without their team or the pilot, the majority of were no better off.A follow-up research verified the percentage able to fly 6 months later was the same as prior to the course.Similar courses are readily available now by airlines, pilots, and therapists. As prior to, success is greatly exaggerated. Though study mirrors breathing exercises are usemuch less, participants are resulted in believe they will regulate fear and panic.

Anxious fliers that count on useless approaches are set up for faitempt, after which they think nopoint will work. As a volunteer at the Pan Am course, Captain Bunn well-known the need for efficient control of in-flight fear, panic, and claustrophobia. To develop effective methods, he started SOAR, became a licensed therapist, and also spent years in examine and research study. His work has actually opened up up the whole human being to 10,000 formerly anxious fliers. Elsewhere, psychological health specialists and also various other courses proceed to offer the outdated and also inreliable methods occurred in the 1970s.

Ten Fear of Flying Facts

1. One perboy in 3 has actually some level of are afraid of flying. 2. One person in 6 is unable to fly as a result of are afraid of flying. 3. The average age at which this fear establishes is twenty-salso. 4. Anticipatory stress and anxiety prior to flying is frequently worse than feelings when flying. 5. For many fearful fliers, the the majority of hard component of the flight is cruise. 6. Cruise is difficult because of turbulence and also feeling up high. 7. The term fear of flying is in common usage as a result of the title of a novel. 8. Fear of flying may include claustrophobia and also are afraid of in-flight panic. 9. Landing is regularly a relief because the emotional ordeal is almost over. 10. Whatever are afraid of flying implies to you, SOAR have the right to relieve the difficulty.