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Do you require Free Evangelist minisattempt training? The need to share the good news of Jesus Christ is immediate. Almost 2.5 million world die every year. Many execute not have a partnership through a practicing Christian or have actually never heard the gospel.

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Christian Leaders Institute provides that opportunity to witness well via Evangelist ministry training that consists of the adhering to classes. After you complete these courses you will obtain the Evangelist Award.

Evangelist Award Program

Christian Leaders Connections – MIN 100 (3 Credits)Christian Basics – THE 101 (3 Credits)Christian Apologetics – THE 320 (3 Credits)Evangelism: Presenting Grace – MIN 310 (3 Credits)Review to Communication – COM 101 (3 Credits)Life Coaching Ministry – MIN 250 (3 Credits)Minisattempt Foundations – MIN 101 (3 Credits)Missions and Revivals – THE 395 (4 Credits)People Smart for Minisattempt – MIN 151 (3 Credits)

Total: 28 credits

This One-2 year Evangelist Minisattempt Training Program fits…

Full-time Ministers that want proceeding education in evangelismPart-time ministers who want to rise their confidence in this area of research.Volunteer Christian Leaders who are dubbed to be even more efficient in sharing the gospel.

How Do I Access this training?

Tip One: Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute and complete the Getting Started Class. In this course, you find out if Christian Leaders Institute is appropriate for you are you examine the Scriptures.

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Tip Two: Start your Evangelist Minisattempt Training Program. We recommfinish that you start via classes that fit your interest initially.

Christian Leaders Institute supplies cost-free ministry training programs international. See the global brochure.

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Evangelist Minisattempt Training 

My name is Prem Prakash Gautam and also I am receiving cost-free evangelist ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. I am a federal government servant in India. I live in Varanasi city (Banaras) in India. I was born on July 12, 1987. I am married to Jyoti Berguy. I belengthy to a Hindu family. There are 3 members of my family members, me and also my 2 younger sisters. I lost my father in 2008, he endured from cancer. He was a doctor. My mom died in 2014, she was a mental patient and also she was a housewife.

My spiritual journey started as soon as I was 22 years old in 2008. I lost my father that year. My mom was a mental patient from my childhood days. I wanted to heal my mommy. I met a Muslim male and I shared my mother’s difficulty via him. He told me that if you pray to ” Allah” he will listen to you and your mother will certainly be healed. I wanted to heal my mommy someexactly how, so I learned exactly how to pray from this guy in the Muslim language in words which were taken from the Muslim spiritual book. I continued to pray for 4 years, however my mommy was not healed. I thought that God was via me, however I was wrong. On June 23, 2013, I was possessed by an evil heart and also my household likewise. On July 1, 2013, Jesus dubbed me and I trusted him. He spoke to me with scripture – Psalm 34:8 “Taste and watch that the Lord is good: blessed is the male that trusteth in him.”

Jesus kept his love for me, set me totally free, and also healed me and also my family members. Jesus gave me baptism via the Holy Spirit on March 24 in 2017 and also likewise provided me the gift to soptimal in tongues. Now my desire is for everyone to recognize around the gospel and also Jesus and also so I am receiving evangelist ministry training through CLI. (Discover more about Studying the Scriptures, Click Here)

I live in Varanasi likewise called (Banaras) which is an extremely ancient and spiritual city. Varanasi city has actually a variety of Hindu holy places, therefore the power of the demons here is very solid. I want to establish a church and also spread the gospel to break demon stronghold so that civilization find salvation on a large scale.

This is my ministry dream so I took this course at Christian Leaders Institute to know scripture in a deeper method. Here I would prefer to give thanks to Henry Reyenga for providing me a wonderful platdevelop to learn scripture and also obtain cost-free ministry training. His teaching style is awesome. I would certainly choose to share a small testimony right here – as soon as he taught me in the first course of this course, I realized that this course was for me. And when he prayed for me to finish this course without any type of obstacle at the finish of the course, I experienced that all obstacles were gone. I realized this in my soul. I praise God for this impressive feeling. Thank You, CLI for this wonderful minisattempt training!