With over a decade of documentary filmmaking, we"re here to share our wisdom gleaned from years of infallible glory and also glorious failures.

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Work in Progress:


What is pre production anyway? How have to it be done, and also more importantly, just how shouldn't it be done…




Welinvolved Film School

Welconcerned Film School! Here's what we're doing and also why we're doing it.

A Keep in mind on Wondervisions

​A quick note from Adam Bracegirdle, Creative Director, UK and also Director, WonderVisions: The Alec Bracegirdle Memorial Film Fund.

Beneath the Credits:

Beyond Beauty

In 2016, i-D made their first documentary film. It clocked up 4.5 million views in its initially week. These are some of the human being that made the film.

Back & Forth:

Daisy-May & Matt

Daisy-May and also Matt operated together to create Icemale, a documentary about superhumale Wim Hof. In this episode they dissect the suffer from their very own distinct points of see.

Ah, the begin of your journey: everything’s so brand-new, so fresh, so interesting – however also: terrifying. We’ve asked some talented civilization for tips so your desires don’t automatically go up in flames.

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Panasonic’s Kit Room, developed for Film School, teaches you whatever you have to recognize around shooting a documentary making use of a LUMIX GH5 camera.

Spoiler alert: Making documentaries is weird, difficult and also chaotic. But while there’s no collection route that each film absolutely have to take on its journey to completion, most will go with these key stages.

If you’re gonna tell a story worth telling, you’ll should talk to exciting civilization. Alas, amazing human being have the right to additionally be exceptionally sensitive, shy or angry. Here’s how to handle egos and also develop trust.

At some allude in your journey as a filmmaker, you’ll start to realise what you’re great at. In this module we speak to specialists who’ve achieved points that will make you feel humble aacquire.

Every filmmaker hits a roadblock at some point. But why learn from your own mistakes as soon as you have the right to learn from everyone else’s?

Up until the last moment a documentary is never finished. Let’s join world in the heat of their productions and also put every one of our do’s and don'ts to test via real-time examples.

Whether building a narrative through music and also dance, or utilizing sound as the focus of a story through civilization, these civilization are pushing the conventions of documentary filmmaking.