This pick regimen taught by Nutricopia, Inc. Registered Dietitian Nutritioniststo aid development your career in as little as 4 months.

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about the program

Nutricopia emerged the Nutrition & Foodbusiness ProfessionalOnline training program to help up-level healthtreatment care high quality & to provide a career route in the dietary market.

Nutricopia is proud to partner via CSUSB College of Extfinished Learning and also Global Education.

Now you have the right to take control of your career and also increase the care you carry out and also the compensation you receive by becoming a Certified Dietary Manager.

You'll learn from the finest as you work one-on-one via Nutricopia Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.


regimen overview​
An increased training regime for people through food organization suffer seeking to advance their careers - finish the programin as few as fourteen weeks, or take as much as a full year to finish the regimen.

Instruction is yielded in an digital web-based format of 270 clock hrs that meets the requirements of the Association of Nutrition and also Foodservice Professionals (ANFP). This is an ANFP apconfirmed routine for those wishing to end up being Certified Dietary Managers.

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Coming Soon! Pathmeans II, IV, V

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application process
You can finish the entire application procedure and gain started on the training regime in just a pair weeks.

It is recommfinished that regime applicants have suffer in, and also be pursuing careers for, dietary programs in healthcare associated facilities.

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Nutricopia has been a leading provider ofRegistered Dietitian Nutritionist consulting services for more than 40 years. When you select Nutricopia'svirtual learning regimen, you'll learn from the ideal in the industry.

Janet Montano, RDN,is the Lead Online Dietitian Preceptor for the Nutrition & Foodservice Professional Training Program. She manages all preceptors assigned to students. Students in the regime acquire the advantage of her substantial LTC consultant dietitian endure.

career options
Dietary Managers overwatch nutrition and foodbusiness programs in a broad array of healthcare associated infrastructure, including acute treatment hospitals, professional nursing facilities and also helped living framework.