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Take an individual course or job-related toward earning a certificate with multiple courses!

The Effective Classroom Management Solutions Certificate helps brand-new teachers build a classroom management approach and also uses experienced teachers’ the chance to boost their existing techniques. Good classroom administration is necessary to create an efficient discovering atmosphere for ALL students. Our classroom management certificate was designed to aid teachers learn just how to make the classroom a location where both you and your students have the right to emphasis on educational goals and also be effective. Using specialized tools and techniques, you will certainly learn exactly how to assist students come to be more involved via intrinsic motivation and also encourage positive intraindividual and interpersonal relationships at school, residence and within the community.

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Schedule & Fees

Course #Courses (11 units)DurationSPSUFAFee
EDU-X776Classroom Management(2 units)approximately 6 monthsOSPOSPOSP$307
EDU-X702ATeaching Optimistic Social Skills to Students(3 units)up to 6 monthsOSPOSPOSP$489
EDU-X700ATeaching Methods for Diverse Learners(3 units)approximately 6 monthsOSPOSPOSP$489
EDU-X796 or EDU-X797 or EDU-X735RMaximizing Student Achievement with Classroom Management (Elementary or Secondary) or Summary to Restorative PracticesChoose one. (3 units/each)up to 6 monthsOSPOSPOSP$489
One Time Certificate Fee$45
Total Certificate Cost (4 courses)$1,819
C = Classroom; OFD = Online Fixed-Date; OSP = Online Self-Paced; IS = Independent Study Self-Paced *Schedule and fees subject to change

Who Should Attend

K-12 teachers interested in finding out how to improve their existing classroom management plan and also implement positive adjust to promote student finding out.

Benefits of USD'sEffective Classroom Management Solutions Certificate

Here are some of the major benefits of completing the USD Effective Classroom Management Solutions Certificate program:

Analyze current classroom monitoring layouts and also techniques and also implement brand-new techniques to promote positive social skills and also habits in the classroom.Gain confidence in your capacity to attend to conflict in the classroom and also uncover reservices for all parties.Find Out just how to develop and nurture a positive discovering setting that permits all students to strive for excellence.

Classroom Management Certificate Program Learner Outcomes

You deserve to mean the complying with from our virtual classroom management courses:

Evaluate methods for cultivating excellent social skillsInvestigate strategies for avoiding and also managing bulliesAnalyze classroom management stylesDevelop instructional tactics that promote preferred behaviorsExamine facets of a positive finding out environmentEstablish and also promote reliable classroom rules and also proceduresAssess the intrinsic and extrinsic motivators of studentsSurvey the role of teachers in reaching eextremely student and also cshedding success gapsIdentify methods for conflict resolution in the classroomAppraise methods for utilizing peer mediation as a means of resolving and also avoiding conflict


Classroom Management Certificate Program Curriculum

Enroll in courses individually or opt to go after the certificate by taking all required courses, while earning graduate-level expansion credits.

You have the right to intend the adhering to from digital self-paced courses:

Completed assignments are submitted and then evaluated by assigned instructorGo digital once it’s convenient for you, completing courses within six months from enrollmentInstructor interaction and feedago are provided between assignmentsRead posts, watch videos, and also connect through sources gave within the course completely onlineAs lengthy as you have accessibility to the Web (and also any kind of textbook requirements stated, if applicable), you have the right to finish assignments

Certificate Requirements

Complete the demands listed below to earn a expert certificate in Effective Classroom Management Solutions. The certificate deserve to be completed in as few as 2 semesters.

Complete 4 designated courses (11 units)

Discover even more around the benefits and also policies of College of San Diego | Division of Professional and Continuing Education’s certificate programs.

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Experienced Faculty Instructors

Our instructors, most of whom host progressed degrees, are experienced practitioners and also topic matter professionals who interact each student in a stimulating and participative discovering environment. Their years of classroom experience allow them to share their specialized expertise to participants on just how to engage different discovering formats and also foster an inclusive and positive learning environment for everyone.


“The instructor was good. She provided excellent feedback and also support that went past the digital classroom.” - Hillary Gutierrez

“A good course and great instructor. I deserve to usage what I learned instantly in my first-grade classroom.” - Laura Caffo

"Overall, I had a fantastic instructor, and also the coursejob-related was excellent. I’m extremely happy with my experience!” - Melanie Schlager

Why USD?

The University of San Diego is a Top 100 nationally ranked university that offers top-tier education and learning programs for learners interested in enhancing their skills in a broad range of industries: service, education, healthcare, and also more. Our achieved faculty have actually first-hand also area endure that enables them to share distinct insights to improve your learning outcomes. The University of San Diego’s Division of Professional and Continuing Education is acattributed by the Western Association of Schools and also Colleges – Senior College and College Commission (WSCUC).

Classroom Management Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am a veteran teacher; will I gain anything from this program?

Yes! Whether you are a start teacher or a veteran teacher, tright here is constantly room for development. If you are struggling with your classroom management or are simply trying to find brand-new concepts, this routine will certainly give you the tools and tactics to enhance your classroom atmosphere to promote finding out for all.

My teacher review indicated that I should make some alters over the next year. Will this program aid me?

Yes! This classroom management certificate regime offers you with the opportunity to evaluation and analyze just how you have actually been addressing dispute in the classroom. You will be introduced to brand-new methods and methods that will certainly aid you build a arrangement that will certainly occupational for your classroom and your students. By participating in this course, you have the right to present your administration that you are occurring new skills via this routine. Both you and your students will certainly benefit from your learning!

Will I be able to begin implementing my finding out immediately?

Yes! USD’s Effective Classroom Management Solutions Certificate courses are designed for you to gain new skills, sources and approaches that you have the right to begin to use in the classroom. No have to wait till the following school year.

Online Learning Information

The concept of trying to attend classes to additionally your education while likewise balancing regular occupational and life can sound difficult. That’s why at USD, we market our classroom management certificate courses online; you can finish your coursejob-related on your very own time in a functional yet complex digital learning program. Some of the chief benefits of digital finding out include:

Our online courses sell the very same high-high quality content and also skilled instruction as our on-campus courses.Online learning allows students to interact with classmates international and offers affluent and also meaningful interactions through weekly discussion forums, chats and also email.Online discovering supplies students the flexibility to complete the work on their very own schedule while balancing the responsibilities of life and also academics.

Resee information on the basics of online finding out via the College of San Diego’s Division of Professional and Continuing Education and the technical needs to identify if digital study is right for you.