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Practical training in the OPD, IPD, and also ICU Live digital situation discussions allowing active learning Access to international instance research studies Comprehensively covers prevalent cardiological conditions Two day Hands-on training on the basics of percutaneous coronary intervention .
Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology




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Course DescriptionThe Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology marks your entry into the prestigious field of cardiology. Cardiac disease is the the majority of common reason of worldwide mortality. Therefore, there is a vast demand also for medical graduates and general practitioners with a deep knowledge of cardiology topics.

This course is the last action in becoming a cardiology expert and also addresses the pathophysiological basis, clinical attributes, diagnosis, and also evidence-based medical administration for major cardiac diseases, permitting you to provide the optimum care to cardiac situations. The endure of helpful training in a leading corpoprice hospital guided by expert cardiologists provides you a much-required clinical experience.

The Learning Design frame (Certificate, Advance Certificate, and Fellowship) is based upon Kirkpatrick’s design of e-learning and enables the methodical intake and application of the content. 

This course is certified by the AHERF, and our current alumni occupational at hospitals like Apollo, Medanta, Billroth Hospitals and Columbia Asia Hospitals.

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We at strive to equip every doctor via the capacity to fast-track their career and allow them to better serve the communities in which they exercise. Join us, and let us influence healthcare via education and learning.

Simulation Workshop On Basics of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention:

One day Hands-on training on the basics of percutaneous coronary intervention certified by Boston scientific.

Click listed below link to know more about Simulation Course:

Simulation Workshop On Basics of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention


Students who completed Session 1 and Session 2MBBS graduates via MCI/State Medical Council registration

Course validity: 13 months. Tbelow will certainly be an extra charge on the expansion of the course validity.