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PHY211 – Physics Calc-Based I/Lab: SC1Credits: 5

Credits: 5 Explores the physical human being via thinking, mathematics and also trial and error. Covers kinematics, pressure, gravity, energy, momentum, torque, rotational dynamics, and also fluids, and also may include thermodynamics. The ideas and also theories presented in course are explored via demonstrations and also hand-operated experiments. This initially semester calculus-based physics course is recommended for students entering engineering or among the advanced scientific researches.~~This course is one of the Statewide Guaranteed Transfer courses. GT-SC1

Offered in Physics, Fall - Full Semester, Spring - Full Semester, All Course Listing, Summer - Summer Semester, GT Pathmeans (Guaranteed Transfer Courses)

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Synopsis outline of course requirements

Summer Semester

Important NOTES pertaining to this course

It is essential that you check out ALL notes pertaining to your course.

This course calls for a lab kit. The lab kit fee is contained in your tuition and fees, and the lab kit will certainly be ordered after class begins. For extra information on lab kits, consisting of how to order your kit, please check out the Lab Kit FAQ:

This course is not designed to be self-paced. Within the schedule of the course, though, you have actually excellent flexibility through your study/job-related time. For the a lot of component, the course is arranged according to the week of the semester. Readings, assignments/homejob-related and also labs are spread throughout the course, and also they have actually particular deadlines; you have to submit each assignment before its deadline expires. Late assignments will certainly not be welcomed without prior approval.

No issue if you are taking the 15 week or 10 week session, the amount of product covered and also all course tasks will certainly be the same. Please remember, as a result of the nature of an virtual course, it is the student’s responsibility to have accessibility to a functioning computer in order to complete the coursework.