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Calculus II

Course level: Undergraduate

This course examines integral calculus topics. Students are presented with integration methods for functions of one variable and more applications of definite integrals. Students explore numerical approaches of integration. Students likewise study the area function, Riemann sums, and also indefinite integrals, and use these to real-life difficulties. The course concludes via the Fundapsychological Theorem of Calculus.


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Please Note: Attendance and participation are mandatory in all College courses, and certain requirements may differ by course. If attendance requirements are not met, a student might be rerelocated from the course. Please testimonial the Course Attendance Policy in the Catalog for more information.

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What you"ll learn


What you’ll learn

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Course objectives

Review to Integration

Estimate the area under a curve with finite sums.Estimate the location under a curve via geometric formulas for location.Interpret sigma notation and also connected algebra rules.Perform Riemann sums over offered intervals.Calculate definite integrals.Calculate location under a curve.Apply to physics and also various other areas.Describe the connection between derivatives and integrals (Fundapsychological Theorem of Calculus).Solve indefinite integrals.

Indefinite Integrals and Applications of Definite Integrals

Use substitution to evaluate definite integrals.Use definite integrals to uncover the location in between 2 curves.Use integral calculus to identify volumes, lengths of aircraft curves, and surface areas.Integprice to uncover job-related and also liquid forces.Calculate moments and centers of mass using integration.

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Transcendental Functions - Part 1

Differentiate inverse attributes.Differentiate logarithmic features and exponential functions.Recheck out Logarithmic Differentiation.Integprice logarithmic attributes and also exponential attributes.Solve separable differential equations including exponential adjust.

Transcendental Functions - Part 2

Use L’Hopital’s preeminence to differentiate indeterminant rational functions.Differentiate inverse trigonometric functions and attributes.Integrate inverse trigonometric features.Solve exponential prices of growth problems.

Techniques of Integration - Part 1

Evaluate integrals using integration by components.Integprice trigonometric functions.Integprice utilizing substitution through rational and also trigonometric functions.Solve differential equations via Integration by components in the solution, as well as first-order direct through constant coefficients.

Techniques of Integration - Part 2

Use partial fractions to simplify integration of rational functions.Use integral tables to evaluate integrals.Estimate integrals through the Trapezoidal rule and also Simpson’s rule.Solve improper integrals.

Calculus II Concept Review