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If you would certainly like to learn exactly how to become a bounty hunter in Texas, follow these steps:

Meet Basic Texas Requirements
Complete Education and Training Requirements in Texas
Take the exam
Submit your Texas Application
Now that you’re a Texas Bounty Hunter

In Texas, bounty hunters, otherwise well-known as fugitive recoexceptionally agents, are not issued a one-of-a-kind license or certificate. However before, if you do not satisfy the state’s legal requirements for serving as a bounty hunter, you will certainly be arrested for committing a state felony. Texas bounty hunters are not law enforcement policemans, but rather, employees of defense guard companies or private examination carriers. Presenting yourself as a legislation enforcement officer as soon as perdeveloping the duties of a bounty hunter in Texas is likewise against the regulation.

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As of May 2012, personal investigators in Texas (many kind of of whom most likely worked as bounty hunters) earned an yearly mean salary of $64,810, which is the second-highest possible bounty hunter salary in the country.

Tip 1. Meet Basic Qualifications for Bounty Hunters in Texas

There are three paths to coming to be a bounty hunter in Texas:

Become a licensed peace officer with the state by completing educational and licencertain requirementsObtain a private investigator’s license, which also calls for that you are sponsored by a licensed private investigation agency or finish specialized state training and also pass their examBecome a commissioned defense officer after completing 30 hrs of specialized professional training that is approved by the Private Security Board (PSB) of Texas

All 3 pathmeans call for that you:

Possess U.S. citizenshipPass a criminal background investigation, consisting of (yet not limited to):Not currently be addicted to alcohol or drugsHave no convictions or probations for Class A misdemeanors or feloniesHave no Class B misdemeanors in the previous five years (10 years for tranquility officer)Are mentally competentCan legally operate a motor vehicleCan legally possess a firearmAre at least 21 years oldHave a high school diploma or GED with 12 hrs of college crmodify (even more college is preferable, as you will see in Step 2)

Tip 2. Complete Education and also Training Requirements for Texas Bounty Hunters

While a college education is not a need to end up being a bounty hunter in Texas (unmuch less you have a GED rather of a high college diploma, in which case you should have 12 hours of college credit), obtaining a certificate, associate’s degree or also a bachelor’s level in criminal justice or a connected area can help you to stand also out from various other bounty hunter candidays. In fact, having actually a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a associated area negates the job-related suffer need important to end up being a licensed exclusive investigator. Degrees and also certificates easily accessible in Texas and also digital that have the right to provide you an advantage when becoming a bounty hunter include:

Associate of Applied Science in Criminal JusticeBachelor of Company Administration in Legal StudiesAssociate of Science in Company ManagementBachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

All bounty hunters in Texas need to likewise finish a training regimen with the state, which will differ relying on your preferred pathway:

If you pick to become a certified peace officer in Texas, you must complete the tranquility officer licensing regime from a licensed Texas regulation enforcement training academy, apshowed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education. Training to come to be a bounty hunter in Texas via this path, which lasts 16 weeks, will certainly include:Cultural diversitySituation interventionSpecial investigationsState and also federal lawTexas Code of Criminal ProcedureSearch and also seizureWeaponsDefensive tacticsCivil processProfessionalism and ethics

If you choose to become a commissioned protection officer or licensed private investigator in Texas, you have to complete at leastern 30 hours of Level 2, 3 or Level 4 PSB-apverified training. Training to end up being a bounty hunter in Texas via this path will include:Legal issues of civil liabilityEmergency actions and first aidPatrol techniquesEthics/expert conductObservation techniquesCrowd controlFire prevention/suppressionWeaponsDisaster responseTraffic directionIf you are applying for licensure as a peace officer, you have to first be employed by a licensed Texas legislation enforcement agency. If you are striving to end up being a commissioned security officer or licensed private investigator, you have to acquire sponsorship from a licensed Texas private examination company or protection guard firm.

Step 3. Pass the Required Texas Exams

While there are no bounty hunter exams per se in Texas, you have to pass an examination for certification as a peace officer, commissioning as a protection officer, or licencertain as a exclusive investigator (depending upon the route you have actually taken to obtain this far).

The basic peace officer certification examination is administered in almost 70 exam sites across Texas (many of which are within training academies). It consists of 250 multiple-choice concerns, and you are provided two hrs and 45 minutes to finish it.

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Level 2, 3 and 4 trial and error sites will certainly administer any type of vital examinations to end up being commissioned as a defense officer or licensed as a exclusive investigator in Texas.

Tip 4. Submit an Application to Become a Bounty Hunter in Texas

As tright here is no formal licencertain for bounty hunters in Texas, tbelow is no application to submit for bounty hunter licencertain. You will be functioning as a peace officer, commissioned defense officer or licensed exclusive investigator when legally percreating bounty hunter duties in Texas. Therefore, you have to use for either peace officer licensure, defense officer commissioning, or private investigator licencertain.

If you are a peace officer, you have actually currently got legislation enforcement employment and also completed fundamental peace officer certification. You should meet these added requirements:You must be employed at leastern 32 hrs per week via a Texas legislation enforcement agencyYou may either submit the application compelled for commissioned security policemans below, checking the correct boxes, or an application for exclusive investigators (watch below)

If you are applying to come to be a commissioned defense officer, you may apply online or submit the Original Commission Application. You have to additionally submit:Certificate of completion of your Level 2,3,4 training (whichever is applicable)Mail the completed application, fees and also over documentation to Texas Department of Public Safety-Private Security Bureau, P.O. Box 15999, Austin, TX 78761-5999.If you are using to become a licensed private investigator, you might apply online or use the Private Security Original Registration Application. You need to also submit:Mail the over to Texas Department of Public Safety, Private Security MSC 0242, P.O. Bo 15999, Austin, TX 78761-5999

Step 5. Now that You’re a Bounty Hunter in Texas

Congratulations! You have come to be a bounty hunter in Texas! Make certain to keep the license or commission that permits you to bounty hunt legally. You must finish continuing education (CE) to encertain you remain legally eligible to be a Texas bounty hunter.

If you are a peace officer, you need to complete 40 hours of CE bievery year and submit them at certification rebirth time eextremely 2 years. CE have to include a state and also federal law update course, social diversity, special investigative topics and also crisis intervention training.

If you are a commissioned protection officer or licensed exclusive investigator, you may rebrand-new your license online or your employer may renew via this create. The amount of CE you must complete will differ depending upon the level you completed (2, 3, or 4). All CE should be awarded by a PSB-apshowed CE provider.

Professional Organizations for Texas Bounty Hunters

You can consider joining a nationwide or state-certain experienced company for bounty hunters in Texas. These forms of establishments can aid you to netoccupational via various other bounty hunters, uncover employment, and find proceeding education and learning methods. Organizations applicable to bounty hunters in Texas include: